Set Your Scanners to THX1138

Where the people are listening…

Notes from Beyond the Rim: Imperial Interruption


Raxus is in the log books but will not be soon forgotten…

Transmission for Sehath:
You received a transmission but the message has been garbled in auto translation:

Sending … Celestial … hope … linked to Fallow. … impostering … work robot. … data clean… Transmitted … Bothan … “Slender-Chaming of Arob” ….


Your choice on how you want to deal with addiction. You can role play it for a while or just have Dr. Strangeglove spend the space travel time removing your affliction. Your choice on how you want to proceed.

Dr. Strangeglove: you have been taught cybernetics by the renowned Dr. Cratala. She is the leading researcher in cybernetics and is now part of IsoTech. You can use this as leverage/knowledge/fame as you desire. Do note that she is hunted by the ISB for her expertise. Don’t become a pawn!

The team has a choice on ships again! You can use either the Gozanti or the YT-2400. But only one. The Blockade Runner is available for IsoTech use, at times and with Reom’s consent. Sehath, Mal, Sasha, Axel, Crom are IsoTech partners and are expected to help rebuild the business and expand operations.

Yiyar has taken a hit in operational capability. Reom does want payback, but IsoTech needs resources and rebuilding IsoTech operations and markets is priority #1