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Big guns in space

The ISB agent rolled off the speeder bike as it exploded into jungle just beyond the front gates. Mal’r “Mal” Brooken had just cleanly separated the agent’s head from his shoulders with a well aimed rifle shot. The detonation of the bike was the last echo of the battle. The ground war by the survivors camp had been won, but the Dark Scouts and their long range scout ship we would be leaving Cholganna soon. They even had taken the crew left with the Gozanti as prisoners.

Nothing could ever be easy. Ever. So, Sehath (Prars’ehath’klocerg), Sasha, Captain Rel Harsol, Mal’r “Mal” Brooken, and Axel. Started the chase. They had to get to their “fleet” which now included the Yiyar’s Night Flyer, catch the scout ship and stop it from making hyperspace. All in all, a great plan except for the fact that they couldn’t just vaporize the ship without losing crew mates and boarding the ship was going to be deadly.

Of the ships, Sehath’s was the fastest by far. It also had armor composed mostly of speed, luck and paper. Undaunted, Sehath bolted skyward as vapbait, confident of skills. The shrill roar of his engines could be heard as he punched his ship forward as fast as he could. The next fastest ship was the newly christened Cholganna Chairiot, previously known as the Night Flyer. Axel, Captain Rel Harsol, Mal’r “Mal” Brooken, and the three remaining battle droids took up station on the ship. Captain Harsol took could command because he…well…he wanted too. He wasn’t necessarily the best of pilot but he his command experience exceeded everyone by far. Slamming the throttle down, everyone was thrown back a bit as they flung themselves forward to the attack.

That left Sasha the Gozanti. The brick. The big, flying brick. She tucked herself into the pilot’s seat and proceeded to take off. Slowly. In a moment of desperation she put her hands on the dashboard and pushed, trying to will the ship forward. Her wail was heard over the comms as the ship ever so gently slid spaceward.

Meanwhile, Sehath watched the blue before ship turn to black and then red as broke atmosphere and closed to the gas and debris field surrounding Cholganna. He spotted the scout ship on his sensors and moved to intercept it. There was no way he going to take the ship on. The couldn’t outgun it and he had no chance against it if it hit him squarely. He could, however, vector in on collision course and make them move. He pulled the visor of his tattered space suit and went in as fast he could.

Some distance back, aboard the Cholganna Chairiot, Axel could see the blasts of gunnery fire against the red cloud. A space battle. “Wait until I give the command,” grumbled Harsol hoarsely over the comm. “We won’t have another shot at this and he won’t won’t last long in that tin-skinned ship.”

“Incoming ship, be advised. This the ship ??? on a mission for the Galatic Empire. No interference will be tolerated. Turn to vector 92.1 by 7.66 now. Repeat, turn or be considered hostile.”. Sehath swung in tightly as he could and fired a lucky blast into the scout ship. As passed by the to the port , he dropped his ship into the scout ship’s flight and sped out in a large arcing curve. This brazen act caught the crew off guard. The pilot slung the ship into head over loop to the port to avoid the collision and blasted. The shot didn’t connect cleanly, but still nearly punched through Sehath’s ship. He glanced back to see loose papers swirled briefly around before the ship re-established pressure. He swallowed and pulled down again on his already closed visor. His mech, attempting repairs, gave what can only be called cat-call and went back to work on the sparking environment system control.

“Settle down and listen to me. We’re coming in fast and trailing to their aft and starboard. Sehath is pumping a vapor trail out, so I don’t think he’ll hold their attention much longer.” A bright flash out ahead of them put more truth to the Captain’s words.

Sehath felt his shudder and spin as he took a direct hit. He brought back under control into a tight turn that threw his droid to the ceiling. Another hit like that and he knew he’d be mark on the Imperial pilot’s scorecard. He knew could break off until…

A flash of blast nearly blinded the Imperial pilot. He’d turned to roll on a tight turn to his aft to line up a shot on the smoking gnat of ship that had engaged him, when everything just went wrong. A shot amidships had cracked his lower dorsal plating and brought down the navicomputer. A second crunching blast had come through on nearly the same spot, taking down two of troopers and bloodied his co-pilot. He knew he had one last chance if could up above the YT-2400 bearing down on him. The he saw the brick.

Sasha smiled as she finally moved to range. The Gozanti brought all of her guns to bear. Seeing the lions finally arrive to the fight, Sehath wheeled his ship around and headed to the compound back on Cholganna.

“Lower your shields, stop all activity. There is no other option,” piped Captain Harsol to the wounded Imperial ship. There was only a short pause before a static filled “We are standing down. We await your orders.” was heard. Grinning for for the first time in was probably years, the Captain leaned back over his seat and said “Nice shot, Mal. The field is ours.”

To be continued…


Of course, the smoking space suit of Sehath could be seen from the orbiting armada!

I'd say its time to go

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