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Complications at The Wheel

Sehath (Prars’ehath’klocerg)I had no idea that Imperial space was so completely devoid of centers of higher education and research, particularly in the Outer Rim. I had mixed results in my last expedition. On the up side, I found a system not previously charted by official sources. The Empire compensated me quite well for the information on the system and its inhabitants. None of the planets were all that great; the best of them didn’t even have a breathable atmosphere. On the down side, the Empire went screaming in, wiped out most of the inhabitants, and took over what was left of the outpost. Of course, the outpost I found was primarily a hangout for smugglers and mercenaries. They were scum and not the sorts that you would want moving in next door, but they probably didn’t deserve to be burned to ash from orbit. And not all of them were bad. There was a village of gands living near by. Not pleased with the outcome. I didn’t find out about all this until later, but I don’t believe that I can stomach dealing with them ever again.

I wanted to head back to the Ascendancy for a while, but I really didn’t have anything new to report. Instead headed back to the Wheel, a major point of interest along the Perlemian Trade Route. The Wheel has somewhat of a reputation as a neutral zone, where a wide variety of traders, mercenaries and such can meet without the heavy hand of the Empire coming down on them. I had found an opportunity there once before and was hoping for another good lead.

I had only been there a short while when I heard some blaster battle going on between some rival trade groups, Isotech and the Yiyar clan (mostly Rodians). From what I understand there were casualties and significant damage to that section of the station. Seems that these two crews were both on the hunt for some lost ship dating back to the clone wars. Quite interested in a potentially interesting archeological find with historical importance (and possibly some salvage), I asked around and listened to what was going on around me. I heard a Rodian saying something about two IT-3P0 droids and that the IsoTech crew flew off with the decoy. They laughed.

Well things were getting a bit too frenzied in the area, so I went back to my ship. I was quite interested in what I heard. A lost ship from the clone wars. Very exciting prospect. So I was sitting in the cockpit and I saw the IsoTech ship and its escort pulling away from the station in what looked like a bit hurry. About that time, a station security patrol showed up. The escort, did a clever maneuver blocking the patrol (casually/accidentally?) and the larger vessel managed to get away. I called to the escort, a human by the name of Mal’r Mal’r “Mal” Brooken in command, and let him know of the issue with the droid. I offered my assistance, as well, hoping to get in on the mission.

While I certainly didn’t want to get into a fire fight with the station security or the Yiyar, it seems I was able to be of some use to the Isotech. I pulled out of my docking bay and made as if I was a clueless alien, “accidentally” blocking the Yiyar ship from taking off. While that worked for a short while, the Yiyar ship, the Nightflyer, took a shot at me. I was able to evade, but they hit the station security patrol instead! Amazing bit of luck there.

Well, things got complicated for Mal’r. While he did not fire on station security, he did obstruct them from the Isotech cruiser and had been identified as being a person of interest in the earlier crime scene on the station. He was taken into custody, after landing as instructed back at the Isotech bay. I went to talk to him at the security holding area and arranged for his bail and release. There was a bit of a waiting period, but not terribly long. We seem to have made an accord regarding joining his team and getting a share of the finders feel, which Isotech had promised to the crew.

After that, we had some time in the cantina, which was quite near the earlier battle and evidence of blaster burns were evident, and eventually made our way to see the Isotech boss, a Twi’lek by the name of Reom. While he was a rather surly sort, and quite cross about the damage to the station that he was having to pay for, he did allow for me to join Mal’r on the mission. We mentioned the complication regarding the swapped droid, and he charged us with recovering the unit. He wanted us on our way as quickly as possible to the site of the wreck on Cholganna, after recovering the correct droid unit. The crew of the Isotech cruiser had a module with some additional information for us.

Luck was with us on the droid recovery. It turns out that station security arrested the Yiyar crew for having shot at them. While it was clear that the Yiyar would likely be able to get off with a fine or some such penalty, it did leave their ship unattended for a short while. I was able to get my astromech droid, R4-D5, to help us with a diversion and to hack us a way on to the Nightflyer. Mal’r intimidated the crap out of the remaining crewman in the landing bay and got him to run away without even firing at him. Pretty impressive. We were able to recover the IT-3PO droid, but got fired upon by another Yiyar crewman. Long story short, we got back to my ship and got the blazes off the station. We left Mal’s ship at the landing bay, where it was under the protection of Isotech. I am concerned that in our absence, that some competing groups, likely the Yiyar, may have put a tracer on us. Can’t worry about that just now. My ship is fast, so maybe we can take advantage of that.

R4-D5 came in very handy on our trip out to Cholganna. R4-D5 was a key acquisition for me, based on the finders fee the Empire had paid me. Quite talented as a pilot, astrogator and mechanic. Well, we made a series of jumps, the last few of which were well off the trade routes. No problem.

The problem happened once we got into Cholganna space. Before we even had time to determine what was going on, we encountered a nebula of dust and charged particles that overloaded the ship’s systems and my droid. Mal’r, as the better pilot, kept us on course while I worked on the droid and the sensors. We were able to clear the problems and headed out of orbit towards the planet. Our scans picked up another vessel dropping into the atmosphere, just as we were approaching.

We were able to pick up comms from the Isotech cruiser, who were very glad to hear from us. Seems they had some challenges on the approach as well and some crazy pilot of theirs, Sasha Sasha, had scared them silly in the approach and landing. We were able rejoin Mal’s crew and finally inspect the module they had gotten from Isotech. It was some kind of damaged distress beacon with a log entry from the ship we were seeking. We reviewed the log entry from Captain Harsol of the Sa Naloor. Seems he was planning to meet up with some associates, but the ship had taken severe damage and he game coordinates for his next destination, Cholganna. I had hoped for more than than, like perhaps specific landing coordinates. The Cholganna part the Isotech crew had already determined. I’m still not clear where IT-3PO fits into all this.

We determined that we should do some scouting, so we prepared ourselves for the nebula and did some orbital scans of the planet. Cholganna is a jungle world and we had little to go on for locating the wreck. At this point I had hopes that it may still be intact. Not so lucky, there. We found 4 likely sites of debris, one of which we could not identify. They others were a downed life boat, and the broken up main and engineering sections of a large starship. I was able to refer to lore I had gathered previously to identify the wreck as that of the Sa Naloor, a clone wars era Separatist Munifient-class frigate. This was a legendary treasure ship that had disappeared toward the end of the clone wars. Many had sought for it for many years, and we just found it.

The Sa Naloor was known to have had something like 150,000 battle droids aboard, which I am more than a little concerned about, as well as some special droid tech, and likely considerable other valuables. Rumor has it that a great deal of credits had been transferred to the ship before it was lost. Given that the ship broke up, I don’t know what remains, but it should be a valuable find. Our scans also revealed that the planet is intensely populated with life forms, but we did not pick up anything that seemed to be a city, town or other large settlement. This world is known to be the home of the nexu, a particularly large and dangerous predator. Not looking forward to meeting any of those! Given that it has been decades since the ship was last seen, I speculate that most of the crew is dead and droids inoperative. It is still possible that there are survivors down there, however. I just hope we can recover either some information, gear or survivors that will meet the contract requirements and get us paid by Isotech. If nothing else, the wreck could be worth a lot in salvage.

With a bit of luck, I might even find some leads regarding ancient human migrations across the galaxy. It could happen. In any case, I think I will be glad for the environment suit I bought. It looks nasty down there. No place for a person from an ice world.


You didn’t mention how I killed two Nexu almost single handed! – Sasha
:-) <hugs>


Sasha Nexufoe… That is her last namr you know.


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