Scoundrel Records

Melos' Mynock Chase

"No Imperial Entanglements"

Things looked so easy. A quick run to sell some grain and a few extra parts. Lo and behold Melos Talek gets some interspace communication telling him to get his butt to Rexus Prime. Having never been to Rexus we initially looked forward to the adventure, as long as we could sell our goods. A quick interspace search and Wow! what a dump! Rexus is a pit.

Melos was given some documents to allow us to land at Loronar Corporation. Something about a new weapon design he is supposed to pick up. Raxus loranar So, we land at Loronar and are greeted by a Bothan named Geeta who takes Melos into the corporate facility.

We found a community where we could sell off our goods named Phelan. A local pilot named Joran gave us the heads up.

Melos found out that Phreeta, his Loronar contact, was no longer on Rexus. Where are we going now, and how are we going to sell our goods? Melos gives some line about heading over to Teth – which, by the way, is exactly where we came from in Hutt space!

So, we jump in our ship and head to Phelan to sell our goods only to be jumped by a couple of pirate jump-fighters. Str8fe took evasive action and we got away with some minor damage. We suspect that Joran is somehow involved.

We got another site on planet called Belka and headed there. We were lucky to sell our goods and pick up some new cargo. We were taking a big chance with taking on an AT-TE unit. Big risk = Big Reward.

We kept to ourselves and made a quick stop for our next jump when we were asked by some friendly Imperial Troopers for a freight inspection. Great! An AT-TE on board – we needed a story fast. Oh! Never Mind! they just took everything. charged us 500 Credits and sent us on our merry way. At te 1260992459We still have the AT-TE but not quite sure how to get this thing onto an Imperial outpost on the edge of Hutt space. We love our lives.

So, we get into Teth space and are quickly diverted to a small clearing in the middle of nowhere. We were efficiently handled by a group of mercenaries who paid us for the AT-TE “thank you” and we were off to Perron on the other side of the planet.

Lucky we have a droid pilot with us on Teth as there was some type of droid purge by the Imperial troops and who needs a pilot? We come to realize that the scientist Phreeta is field testing his new blaster rifle with some type of droid inhibitor setting.

We meet some crazy assassin droid named Essar who tells he will pay for the prototypes. Good enough, but how is this group with hold outs going to take on Imperial Troops? Huh? Credits, you say?! Well, we are desperate and made a desperate plan – to snatch and grab the scientist and get off this Imperial trap. We just needed to
1) box up our pilot droid – done in scene 4
2) find the technicians and scientist
3) distract the Imperial Troopers
4) grab the scientist
5) and make a run for space

Who makes up these plans?

So, we boxed our pilot up like a Twi’lek dancing girl birthday cake pop-up present, found the technician group, then sent our pilot running like an over-oiled astromech across the city with Troopers in tow, bungled into the technicians, grabbed the jawa and stuffed him into the box. Easy Schmeezy.

Now onto another of Melos’ mynock chases across the galaxy. We look forward to it. First we need some new cargo.


We need more practice at space battles.

Melos' Mynock Chase

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