Scoundrel Records

Nice ship, scumbag. Now get out...

Should we try and take the YT-2400?

So when last we left our intrepid adventurers, they were just waking up to the sounds of a starship coming in to close where they were. They had just found the Sal Nalore aka Mal’r’s Legendary Ship of Treasure the night before. After reducing some cybernetically enhanced Nexu to much smaller parts, the team camped out in the wrecked hull. In the morning as they were just beginning to make plans, when their breakfast was interrupted. The fried Nexu bacon and eggs tasted good, but maybe not as good as they would taste when cooked in a nice, shiney YT-2400.

The YT-2400, called the Night Flyer, belongs to a scruffy, nasty bunch of Rodians called the Yiyar Clan. They messed with Iso Tech (our beloved employeers) and the team (the heroes) on the wheel and caused them quite a bit of headaches. They have a reputation as fairly rough and evil customers. They also have quite possibly our next ship.

So the question is: Do we hijack their ship? And if yes (please be yes), how? Plans, thoughts, and theories are welcome.




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