Scoundrel Records

Out of the junk heap and into the fire

Sehath reporting in.

We seem to have an on-going challenge with anti-social entities throughout the Empire. Just as we finally ousted the YiYar mercenaries out of the IsoTech base on Raxus Prime and managed to even link up with the Twi’lek Reom, whom I met at the Wheel. Reom apparently had some altercation with the YiYar at the Wheel and suffered their wrath. He was up and around, but seemed worse for wear. Reom was so impressed with us that he offered to include us as partners in IsoTech in addition to paying our agreed upon fees for the mission to Cholgana. That sounded quite acceptable to me and to the others.

About this time, we get an incoming message that Imperial forces were on the way to us. Of couse, nothing can ever come our way that is not trying to kill us. Reom also informed us that one of the hulks we had been fighting mercenaries in was actually an operational CR90 Corvette, known as the Blockade Bandit (I knew they could be sitting on this much star ship debris without having something functional!). Unfortunately, the Bandit is still buried under tons of other junk and is also not fully functional and needed quite a bit of assistance to get airborne. About that time, we hear that the other hulk where our ships were docked was under attack (AGAIN!) by more YiYar mercenaries. They attacked and blew out the engines on my poor little scout. I’m really getting to hate those space pirates.

Reom had not planned on having to escape YiYar and Imperial forces, particularly after having his crew and resources depleted from the YiYar surprise attack. He was sadly short of crew skilled members. It turns out that the ship’s doctor is also their chief engineer. Odd, but it works out for us. He went back to try to get more of the engines operational. Axel went to go set charges to blow off more of the junk off of the CR90. Sasha and Joval went to the CR90 bridge to get the ship started on pre-flight. I went with a Wookie from Reom’s crew and a couple of our guys to see about getting our ships out of the hands of the YiYar. Let’s not forget that the Imperials are inbound.

So on the CR90, Axel managed to do a great job getting the junk blown off. Dr. Strangeglove, Reom’s doc, was quite the wizard in getting some of the engines running. Joval got the computers running. Sasha was ready to blaze out, as soon as we can get going.

Out on the other hulk, things were not as good. Crom, Haladek (the Wookie) and I approached and saw several more YiYar Trandoshan mercenaries, who, of course started shooting at us. Things were not smooth. Haladek went blasting in, Crom went around and started clearing a path to my scout. Faithful R4-D5 was working to get the scout’s systems running.


poor…poor… R4


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