Scoundrel Records

The Back Roads of the Outer Rim

Trouble is our friend

Well, we set off for the Metharian nebula. Not quite sure why but one of the humans on board seems to need to get there. Yes! We hit a snag! Who would have thought we had a competent pilot on board as we travel these barely charted routes on the outer rim?!
So, now we have our ship confiscated by Imperials. Stormtroopers, REALLY?! I thought they were keeping the Core safe. But, yes, our luck has given us a chance to see them up close and personal. Not that I personally wanted this experience in the first place. Keep them in the core doing whatever the Emperor needs them doing there.
So, we blinked into Rishi and were to be escorted into the vacuum of space, but somehow our Bothan trader Fenn Azira’lon has convinced the pilot to hand us over to some gang of local scum. Great! Hutts on our butts and now scum on our bum. Let’s just hope this Talon Karrde is somewhat reasonable and can help us get our ship back.

Gotta love travelling with this crew.



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