Axel Riprock

Rather plain looking with a country boy charm and appeal


Axel is a average looking human who loves to tinker with things usually taking them apart and forgetting how to put them back together. He has found an affinity for building improvised explosives as well as modifying explosives. Whether it be skill or luck he still has all his digits, accomplished some things, and is still living and breathing today.


Axel grew up in a small backwater dust bowl of a planet. His family runs a run down parts and repair shop for the local businesses. Even though his town was small he felt that it was still his home and “family”. And then the Empire came to town. Sure there were rumors of wars dating all the way back to the clone wars but no one, I mean no one, really cared about where they lived. They got by with what they had and lived off the radar. But the Empire wanted to “make a point” with his home and moved in a small local garrison. The troops and officers that came didn’t want to be there and they started to take out their aggression on the local town folk. Axel let a lot of things slide in town. However, when some junior officer wanted to make his name known by beating to death the next door shop keeper and friend, Axel’s “fuse”, so to speak, was lit. He used his mechanical knowledge and small understanding of things that go “boom” to jury rig the Imperial transport to build up a charge and catastrophically fail with everyone inside. The rest of the townsfolk understood his anger and action but someone had to be blamed when the Imperial inquisitors came checking on the “accident.” So, Axel hopped off planet and jumped around star systems taking on odd jobs until the Rebel Alliance recruited him. Until Axel actually does something of worth the Rebels will keep him at arms distance or farther. But Axel dreams of bringing liberation from the Empire one explosion at a time so he “quests” to do something noble and noticeable enough for the Rebels. For now he has hooked up with some disreputables that have a dislike for the Empire that matches his own.


Axel Riprock

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