Wookiee game hunter forced into the life of a Bounty Hunter


Species: Wookiee
Career: Bounty Hunter
Specialization: Survivalist/Gadgeteer

Brawn 4, Agility 2, Intellect 2, Cunning 3, Willpower 1, Presence 2

Soak 5, Defense 1/1, Wounds 20, Strain 9

Athletics 1, Mechanics 1, Perception 2, Survival 1, Vigilance 1

Brawl 1, Ranged-Heavy 1

Wookiee Rage, Forager, Stalker, Outdoorsman, Expert Tracker, Swift, Hunter, Toughened

Blackmail (10) – Teemo the Hutt – Become a bounty hunter or be revealed as a “madclaw”
Debt (5) – Teemo the Hutt – Outfitted to begin bounty hunting career; pay back with bounty receipts


Ghawhhrick is big game hunter from Kashyyyk. He has blue eyes and black fur with silver highlights, a silverback. He wears armored clothing and carries a bowcaster.

He is brother to Lowhhrick and it was Ghawhhrick’s wife and child that were killed by Trandoshans. Ghawhhrick was on the mission to avenge them. He was captured along with Lowhhrick and sold into slavery to Teemo the Hutt. Both were thrown into the gladiator pit. Sometimes they fought together, sometimes separately. Once even against each other, although neither would really fight, so Teemo unleashed a pair of cathraks, cat like creatures with long tentacles from Kashyyyk.

In one fight against a Trandoshan, Ghawhhrick found himself hard pressed. He wasn’t nearly as good as Lowhhrick. The Trandoshan taunted Ghawhhrick claiming his wife and child still lived and were sold to a slave labor camp. The Trandoshan foolishly boasted of horrible atrocities against them. Ghawhhrick, suffering from nearly crippling injuries, flew into a maddening rage and unsheathed his claws and ripped the Trandoshan to shreds.

Teemo and the crowd loved it but Lowhhrick did not. Using claws in combat is against their code of honor and Ghawhhrick was now a “madclaw”. Lowhhrick arranged to escape with Oskara and 41-VEX but left Ghawhhrick behind. Lowhhrick wouldn’t believe the Trandoshan’s claims. His only concession was that he would not reveal Ghawhhrick’s treachery if he ever returned to Kashyyyk.

Teemo was not so benevolent. Furious at the escape, he summoned Ghawhhrick. He showed Ghawhhrick the vid of the fight and promised to send it to his family on Kashyyyk if he did not pursue Lowhhrick and Oskara and bring them back. The droid he could destroy and bring back evidence. Teemo outfitted Ghawhhrick, and watched as he built his own bowcaster and practiced his aim, complete with full size holos of Lowhhrick and Oskara to target.

Ghawhhrick is now a fully qualified Bounty Hunter with a specialty in Gadgeteering, a career which Wookiees detest. He even has an official Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate (IPKC), although he has no idea how Teemo obtained it. Teemo expects him to use it and pay back the outfit with receipts for bounties that he’s taken. Ghawhhrick has managed to account for about half of what he owes.

Ghawhhrick has traded one evil for another and is in self-imposed exile, scrambling for a living on the edge of the Empire with one mission of hope and one of despair. He is seeking for clues to the whereabouts of his wife and child, if they still survive, and he is hunting for Lowhhrick, if only to avoid the inevitable confrontation.


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