Melos Talek

A quick witted mechanic with a touch of dwarfism


Melos Talek is not his original name. He comes from the Emerald Moon of Loranar and his Family worked for the Loronar Corporation in the Shipyards.

At a young age, he started to show his physical deformity for Dwarfism as well as his ability for the Force. (Possibly one was a compensation for the other…) As his father was a Mechanic, (Melos) began tinkering with vehicle systems, demonstrating a real affinity for hacking parts in “unusual” ways. It was at this time, his parents noticed that sometimes the appropriate tool would move to their son’s hands with the Force. Getting together what money they could, (Melos) was sent to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to begin training in the ways of the Force.

This was just prior to the Galactic turmoil of the collapse of the old Senate and the Rise of the Empire. He had only been an initiate for a few months when the Jedi Order was accused of planning a rebellion and Empire attacked in the Great Jedi Purge of 19 BBY. The last thing he remembers from that time, was being ushered to a small speeder by an old Librarian woman and the background sounds Blaster Fire, lightsabers and the screams of the Dying.

The driver of the Speeder was a low level maintenance worker named Garum Talek. Knowing his life may be in danger for even working for the Jedi Temple, he fled Coruscant for the Outer Rim. From there, he raised (Melos) as his nephew, all the while keeping a low profile. Using what means he could and the quickly developing skill of Melos as a mechanic, they clung to survival on the edges of galactic civilization. As the Purge continues, Melos has not returned to find his family in fear that his presence would endanger their lives…

Melos Talek

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