Veth "Wompa" Lokar

Trimmed beard and mustache, claw-shaped scars on the left side of his face. Build from a lifetime of honest hard work.


Veth Lokar, most call him Wompa on-a-count of some trouble he had on Hoth, has had a hard time of things lately.

Wrong place, wrong time is the story of Veth’s life. Lost his wife to a business partner, lost his ship to Imperial bureaucracy, lost his home to mounting debts.

Now he finds himself on the Outer Rim doing what has to do, and working with people he wouldn’t otherwise, to keep his daughter in the schools she needs to be in.

The universe has taught him valuable lessons, the most important of which has given him a simple code that he swears by, “you get what you put in.”

Veth "Wompa" Lokar

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