Scoundrel Records


Hey All! Jovel her! I just got intercepted this messages while traking Sehath’s INavTrans garbled messege. Is everthing ok? Sasha is tying her hand at making her own version of th “Blue Fairy” and we havin a gret time!

Never th som wen she maks it tho. Oh sh hs anotr fur me to ty.

God lock wit yur missn

Agent: Codename Devlikk Opera
Report Status: In Progress
Planetary Coordinates: 23.9441N, 44.0852W

Findings: Asset has acquired target from the rebels. Target is on trajectory to arrive planetside within 18 hours. No known pursuit recorded by The Eternal Wrath. Local rebel contingent is active, but do not seem to be on high alert. Asset Rialla is well under control and fully compliant. It has been years in development but the asset captured is well worth the resources spent.

Threat Assessment: Low

Recommendations: Keep Orgraal in bubble. Gen. Xantus will meet with him to review our Imperial forces. Imperial force status has been appropriately adjusted as requested. Small detachment to accompany rendezvous to secure rebel target.

End transmission: Sent 27.748.3254

Agent: Codename Devlikk Opera
Report Status: In Progress
Planetary Coordinates: 23.9441N, 44.0852W

Findings: Obtained target from rebel asset. Lost 9 troopers in firefight with OpFor. Indeterminant affiliation. Not fully coordinated during combat which leads to indication this is a local warlord looking to acquire deal leverage with us. Some combat troops are within this Opfor. Heavy weaponry used in resistance during operation. At least one grenade launcher has been used. Damage to transport but flight condition yellow for exfiltration. SpecOp within OpFor ranks that reportedly dispatched several troopers single handed. other OpFor members are more distraction than threat. Planning to trap OpFor in cross fire in our predetermined kill box. Have left tracks to force position to assure funnelling of OpFor.

Rebel target has been given experimental stimpack to accelerate consciousness and enforce compliance.

Threat Assessment: Medium

Recommendations: Reposition The Eternal Wrath for Livien Magnus Spaceport intercepts. Position Commander Treaska’s AT-ST to remove threat of heavy weapon OpFor in kill box.

Rebel target is alert as past test indicate. Assuming precautions in next 12 hours after interrogation.

End transmission: Sent 27.748.3272


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