Scoundrel Records

Gift of Sacrifice
Between an Ack and a Hard Place

Ghawhhrick’s new friends have offended the local theocracy of Rishi, the cult of H’kig, by stealing a landspeeder and a speeder bike. Unfortunately, the bike was destroyed while we were retrieving Renci Tash’s Y-Wing from the Trandoshan smuggler, Yarroq. While the Trandoshan repaired her ship, with some coercion, their friend Melos has negotiated an arrangement with the H’kig as penance for stealing. We must give three gifts; the Gift of Means, the Gift of Service and the Gift of Sacrifice.

The Gift of Means is a donation of the Bantha obtained from the Trandoshan. The Gift of Service will be escorting a member of the H’kig, Deltacc, to Socorro on our way to the core, presuming the ship is released from the impound yard. The Gift of Sacrifice is to rescue some captives from an Ack which has been attacking the native Rishii. The Ack is a cross between a spider, a crab and a preying mantis. They can spin a web like material to wrap up their prey and suck the blood.

Anticipating an overland journey, Melos negotiates 3000 credits for a broken down landspeeder and the owner is expecting us to buy it. Unfortunately, it won’t fit the whole group but the deal was made. Melos and Ghawhhrick work on the landspeeder and are able to fix it up. The seller is willing to trade it for a Trianii TX-1 Personal Carrier. This fits the whole group and we can at least get to the Rishii village.

There is much debate whether this mission is worthwhile. The group would much rather get their ship back. Deltacc tells us that there is a communication tower on the Rishi moon that we could disrupt and blind the Empire so we could get our ship out. However, offending the H’kig will leave relations in this system very strained. We decide to delay getting the ship and complete the Gift of Sacrifice.

On a hunch we look to see if the Trandoshan, Yarroq, has a bounty on him. He denied being one of the slavers that captured Ghawhhrick’s wife. It turns out he is part of Black Scale clan and is trying to establish a slaver outpost to sell to the Empire. It also happens that he’s taken out a bounty on the two Wookiees. We also find out he’s been visiting a high end hospital to be fitted with cybernetics. It looks like we’ve left another enemy in our wake.

Driving to the site of the Ack, we run into a road block. Ghawhhrick gets out looking at what happened and sees a large figure coming out of the wood, dropping another block behind the truck. He growls “It is a trap!” and when he tries to get back in the truck the vehicle is attacked by a Mantellian Savrip. These are quite sentient creatures but apparently very angry. The savrip attacks the truck and most of the party is shaken up and stumbling around. Pash is able to move towards a hatch. Ghawhhrick jumps out of the vehicle and moves behind the road block taking a shot with his bowcaster. Ashibec helps Pash up to the hatch where he is able to get a stun grenade out near the savrip before taking cover back inside. The savrip is disoriented by the grenade and stops attacking for the moment. STR8F tries to get out of the truck but blocks the doorway.

Liesa exits the truck from the far side, moves around the truck and uses her new vibrosword to cleave at the savrip. Ghawhhrick shoots a series of bowcaster bolts. The savrip starts to think better of the idea of taking on a truckload of blaster fire and trundles off. STRA8F and Melos are able to move the truck through the first road block and we clear the other block to prepare for the return trip.

We arrive at the spot on the map where the Ack is rumored to be. There should be a Rishii village around here somewhere. We need to rescue the captured Rishii from the Ack. Killing the Ack is optional but seems unavoidable. Ghawhhrick moves out and looks for Ack tracks to no avail. We move the truck back to the forest and camouflage it with leaves. We make our way into the canyons, travelling for more than a day.

We find shelter for the night. It’s a rough night for those who aren’t used to it. In the morning Ghawhhrick finds the tracks of the Ack and follow it to its lair. After much discussion, Ghawhhrick and Liesa climb partially up and realize getting the whole party up will be difficult at best. They return to the canyon floor and climb a nearby cliff in an attempt to find the Rishii village for aid. Unfortunately, the village is across several canyons. They attempt to leap the gap to the canyon wall where the Ack lair is located. The Wookiee’s jump dislodges some rocks which narrowly miss the rest of the party below.

The noise attracts the Ack which comes out of its lair. Pash makes a formidable shot with his blaster rifle and the Ack skitters up to the top of canyon, right between Ghawhhrick and Liesa and the lair. Ghawhhrick gestures Liesa to drop down and hide but the Ack spots them. Pash makes another astounding shot and the Ack skitters over the other side of the cliff. Ghawhhrick and Liesa see their chance and run to the cliff edge above the lair. They quickly anchor the rope and drop down into the liar, just in time to have the Ack appear in the opening behind them. Pash makes a third amazing shot and the Ack falls to the cliff floor unmoving.

With a sigh of relief, Ghawhhrick and Liesa turn to the captives in the liar and find another Ack poised over the Rishii. This one looks different, with a black shell casing. Ghawhhrick and Liesa circle it from either side hoping to flush it out of the lair. It works and Pash makes yet another unbelievable shot but it seems to have little effect. While Liesa tries to free the Rishii, Ghawhhrick comes to the cave entrance and, thinking it is somehow to resistant to energy fire, aims his bowcaster at the rock where the Ack is clinging, hoping to dislodge and drop it to the ground as well. The good news is the Ack falls. The bad news is the Ack hits the ground, jumps up and skitters off unharmed. The worse news is the rock crumbles under where Ghawhhrick is standing and he starts to fall. If that wasn’t bad enough, Liesha is still tied to Ghawhhrick and she is yanked out of the cave and is plummeting as well.

Suddenly, both seem to stop falling. On the canyon floor below, Melos draws upon the power of the Force unlike he has ever done before. They regain their footing and are able to climb back to the cave. This time they untie themselves and continue to help the Rishii, freeing them from the webs and administering stimpacks. In the distance, we see a flock of Rishii coming from the direction of the village, carrying large ropes to capture the Ack.

Suddenly, the second Ack crawls over the cliff face and appears in the cave entrance. Liesa tries her sword but it bounces off the thing’s armored shell. It retaliates and drags a claw down Liesa’s chest. Liesa falls back and Ghawhhrick steps forward. He tries a single bowcaster shot which sends it back out the entrance where Pash shoots it again. Undaunted it charges back into the cave and grapples with Ghawhhrick, inflicting deep wounds with its sharp claws. Ghawhhrick unleashes his fury and tries to break its neck with his furry hands. He comes close, crippling it enough to stop its attack.

At that point, the Rishii arrive and trap the Ack with their bolos. We are able to make short work of it after that. The captured Rishii are taken back to the village. We offer them the remains of the Acks which are apparently highly valued by them. There is a thought to salvage the bits for our own use but we recall this was a Gift of Sacrifice. We make our way back to the truck and back to the city ready to take on an Imperial Impound Yard.

Forests of Rishii
A search in the forest finds new companions

Day 1565 since I have left Kashyyk.
I feel no closer to finding a cure for my litter-mate’s crippling disease. I have worked for the last several weeks in the jungles of Rishii hoping the living trees would give me new hope. This planet has so many things similar to home. The trees are not as great but the lush green jungles brought hope to my weary mind.

I have taken on two more in my clinic here at the outpost. A troubled fellow Wookie Ghawhhrick and a human Llaessa. The human is very kind with the patients and is big help with resetting bones and limb displacement. The fine wings of the local Rishi require a fine touch that she can offer. The troubled Wookie works hard but prefers errands which keep him on the move. He is good with the occasional droid that shows in our little village.


Day 1566 since I have left Kashyyk.
A couple of off-world travelers came to the clinic today. Their human needed some patching and their droid needed a little wiring work. The burn marks! Are they pirates? Are they separatists? Some of my finest work to clean up the human. There is something about him that I feel on the edges of my coat. The wounds were not life threatening. I did not need any synth-plasma. The dermal transfuser was enough to aid my care.

Luckily I was finished my procedure as the droid began burbling something about “empire AT-TE brought carefully to Teth” and “…stole a bike and speeder to get out of town with Renci Tosh”. I now know what he was speaking of, but the droid startled me with his outburst.

The travelers endeared me to their side as they deftly handled a pair of hunters that have been giving trouble to the outpost recently. They have stood their distance from me but any other female in our vicinity is harassed to tears or brought to their camp. Their leader Bothan, I now know as Fenn Azira’lon, had the misfortune of getting a gutfull of Gamorian exheave. We humor him by telling him the stench is gone, but I fear this will be a week or so to subside. A little levity is a welcome respite.

They have asked if the three of us are interested in joining their crew. They say they have a ship, but it is in Empire custody (just like my family). The images of my brood group clambors in my mind with each mention of the awful Empire. I am reluctant to join but I fear I cannot make enough passage with the minor clinic work I have undertaken. These poor souls need the medicine and the support but I need to keep focus on finding the cure and freeing my family.


Day 1567 since leaving Kashyyk
Remembrances of battles in my home village. We are to help the human Renci Tosh find her ship that was stolen by some local gang. They have taken it deep into the forest, but Gwhar’rik is a good tracker and found the trail. After a night of deep rain (the leaves of the trees shimmer even without the sun) we find the gang’s hideout.

It is in a Mesa tall above the local trees. The Mesa would just meet the tops of some trees from home. Two of the group attempt to climb the Mesa away from the trail, but the nightfall hindered their progress. So, we quietly followed the trail, until the bike threw sparks and alerted the gang members. Fenn and I stayed behind as the others worked up the trail to quiet the blaster fire. I can see someone hit already and I ready my medpac.

Fenn asks if I know how to control a Bantha. How could I know such things!? Does he also spread the Trandoshan trash that Wookies are related to Bantha?! I will question him when we are not in harms way.

Fenn and I get the great beasts under control! But we cannot get them to cover the last 10 meters to the top of the Mesa. The other members of our small near-family have gotten past the guards at the top and found that Mesa is actually a concave dome. There is a crane which Fenn and I attempt to work to lower them.

BLASTERS! A Twi’lek appeared from one of the tents as the others were looking at Renci Tosh‘s ship. Fenn and i attmpt to swing the crane over to hit or distract the Twi’lek but we are unable to coordinate the controls. I can smell the burnt flesh above the battle. I quickly run the procedures through my mind that will be needed. The Twi’lek lays dead under the wing of the ship. She will not need my help. I give a quick song to the trees of this world.

Concussed! Fenn and I were taken by surprise and blasted into unconsciousness. But the powers of the trees awaken us quickly! I have a deep rage in my chest. I do not know how it happened but the Trandoshan net I carry from my family’s capture is out of my pack and into the air. I catch the leader Trandoshan and one of his guard in my net. I have never done such a thing! Fenn is out to the edge as I stare in rage and bewilderment. He kicks the pair from the ledge as the last guard is hit with a blaster shot from below.

I calmed my heart while Fenn and I climb down the crane wires. Ghawhhrick is standing over the Trandoshan with all the rage I too feel in my chest. I am not sure the Trandoshan will ever be the same. I ask that we bury the other gang members. The trees will see to whatever awaits them in the next.

Renci Tosh will have her ship repaired by the Trandoshan and we accumulate credits from the camp. I hope this is enough to pay off the debt for their ship so I can continue my search. I have the tingling in my coat that it will not be a simple fine to the Empire. The others seem to be pouring over the maps we found and planning something.

I hope that the something they are planning leads me to the cure I so Desparately search for.


A Catnina, a Gun Fight, a Girl, and our friend Trouble
Our Ever Present Friend

WHY? WHY? I will never understand how humans think eyelashes are an important bodily desire, but our hired gun Nelson Boone seems to follow the human tradition of chasing the unchaseable. I just wanted to have a sip of Namana. Simple? With this crew nothing is of that variety. We sit quietly in Qexi’s cantina trying to figure out how to meet this Talon, and next thing we know there is bolter fire and we have absconded out of town on stolen transports.

Gotta love humans. Can’t navigate, can’t keep their eyes in their heads. Whoever this Renci Tosh is, I know it is trouble. I just hope there is a payoff.

The Back Roads of the Outer Rim
Trouble is our friend

Well, we set off for the Metharian nebula. Not quite sure why but one of the humans on board seems to need to get there. Yes! We hit a snag! Who would have thought we had a competent pilot on board as we travel these barely charted routes on the outer rim?!
So, now we have our ship confiscated by Imperials. Stormtroopers, REALLY?! I thought they were keeping the Core safe. But, yes, our luck has given us a chance to see them up close and personal. Not that I personally wanted this experience in the first place. Keep them in the core doing whatever the Emperor needs them doing there.
So, we blinked into Rishi and were to be escorted into the vacuum of space, but somehow our Bothan trader Fenn Azira’lon has convinced the pilot to hand us over to some gang of local scum. Great! Hutts on our butts and now scum on our bum. Let’s just hope this Talon Karrde is somewhat reasonable and can help us get our ship back.

Gotta love travelling with this crew.

Melos' Mynock Chase
"No Imperial Entanglements"

Things looked so easy. A quick run to sell some grain and a few extra parts. Lo and behold Melos Talek gets some interspace communication telling him to get his butt to Rexus Prime. Having never been to Rexus we initially looked forward to the adventure, as long as we could sell our goods. A quick interspace search and Wow! what a dump! Rexus is a pit.

Melos was given some documents to allow us to land at Loronar Corporation. Something about a new weapon design he is supposed to pick up. Raxus loranar So, we land at Loronar and are greeted by a Bothan named Geeta who takes Melos into the corporate facility.

We found a community where we could sell off our goods named Phelan. A local pilot named Joran gave us the heads up.

Melos found out that Phreeta, his Loronar contact, was no longer on Rexus. Where are we going now, and how are we going to sell our goods? Melos gives some line about heading over to Teth – which, by the way, is exactly where we came from in Hutt space!

So, we jump in our ship and head to Phelan to sell our goods only to be jumped by a couple of pirate jump-fighters. Str8fe took evasive action and we got away with some minor damage. We suspect that Joran is somehow involved.

We got another site on planet called Belka and headed there. We were lucky to sell our goods and pick up some new cargo. We were taking a big chance with taking on an AT-TE unit. Big risk = Big Reward.

We kept to ourselves and made a quick stop for our next jump when we were asked by some friendly Imperial Troopers for a freight inspection. Great! An AT-TE on board – we needed a story fast. Oh! Never Mind! they just took everything. charged us 500 Credits and sent us on our merry way. At te 1260992459We still have the AT-TE but not quite sure how to get this thing onto an Imperial outpost on the edge of Hutt space. We love our lives.

So, we get into Teth space and are quickly diverted to a small clearing in the middle of nowhere. We were efficiently handled by a group of mercenaries who paid us for the AT-TE “thank you” and we were off to Perron on the other side of the planet.

Lucky we have a droid pilot with us on Teth as there was some type of droid purge by the Imperial troops and who needs a pilot? We come to realize that the scientist Phreeta is field testing his new blaster rifle with some type of droid inhibitor setting.

We meet some crazy assassin droid named Essar who tells he will pay for the prototypes. Good enough, but how is this group with hold outs going to take on Imperial Troops? Huh? Credits, you say?! Well, we are desperate and made a desperate plan – to snatch and grab the scientist and get off this Imperial trap. We just needed to
1) box up our pilot droid – done in scene 4
2) find the technicians and scientist
3) distract the Imperial Troopers
4) grab the scientist
5) and make a run for space

Who makes up these plans?

So, we boxed our pilot up like a Twi’lek dancing girl birthday cake pop-up present, found the technician group, then sent our pilot running like an over-oiled astromech across the city with Troopers in tow, bungled into the technicians, grabbed the jawa and stuffed him into the box. Easy Schmeezy.

Now onto another of Melos’ mynock chases across the galaxy. We look forward to it. First we need some new cargo.

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