Scoundrel Records

Out of the junk heap and into the fire

Sehath reporting in.

We seem to have an on-going challenge with anti-social entities throughout the Empire. Just as we finally ousted the YiYar mercenaries out of the IsoTech base on Raxus Prime and managed to even link up with the Twi’lek Reom, whom I met at the Wheel. Reom apparently had some altercation with the YiYar at the Wheel and suffered their wrath. He was up and around, but seemed worse for wear. Reom was so impressed with us that he offered to include us as partners in IsoTech in addition to paying our agreed upon fees for the mission to Cholgana. That sounded quite acceptable to me and to the others.

About this time, we get an incoming message that Imperial forces were on the way to us. Of couse, nothing can ever come our way that is not trying to kill us. Reom also informed us that one of the hulks we had been fighting mercenaries in was actually an operational CR90 Corvette, known as the Blockade Bandit (I knew they could be sitting on this much star ship debris without having something functional!). Unfortunately, the Bandit is still buried under tons of other junk and is also not fully functional and needed quite a bit of assistance to get airborne. About that time, we hear that the other hulk where our ships were docked was under attack (AGAIN!) by more YiYar mercenaries. They attacked and blew out the engines on my poor little scout. I’m really getting to hate those space pirates.

Reom had not planned on having to escape YiYar and Imperial forces, particularly after having his crew and resources depleted from the YiYar surprise attack. He was sadly short of crew skilled members. It turns out that the ship’s doctor is also their chief engineer. Odd, but it works out for us. He went back to try to get more of the engines operational. Axel went to go set charges to blow off more of the junk off of the CR90. Sasha and Joval went to the CR90 bridge to get the ship started on pre-flight. I went with a Wookie from Reom’s crew and a couple of our guys to see about getting our ships out of the hands of the YiYar. Let’s not forget that the Imperials are inbound.

So on the CR90, Axel managed to do a great job getting the junk blown off. Dr. Strangeglove, Reom’s doc, was quite the wizard in getting some of the engines running. Joval got the computers running. Sasha was ready to blaze out, as soon as we can get going.

Out on the other hulk, things were not as good. Crom, Haladek (the Wookie) and I approached and saw several more YiYar Trandoshan mercenaries, who, of course started shooting at us. Things were not smooth. Haladek went blasting in, Crom went around and started clearing a path to my scout. Faithful R4-D5 was working to get the scout’s systems running.

Mountains of junk, specks of treasure and Jawas armed to the teeth
Action in the refuse

The newly christened Cholganna Chariot slid smoothly into the berth exposed under the overhang of debris. There were various crew members scrambling about inside the scrap covered hangar, and one in particular stood out. He was tall for a Rodian, with fairly clean garb (given the grease, dust, and rust covering the landscape) and a surprisingly cheerful smile (for a Rodian). The crew, consisting of Axel Riprock,Mal’r “Mal” Brooken, Sasha, and Crom, secured the ship before moving out to the landing bay. It was cool in the cradle of twisted steel and old, rotted space hulls, but there more than just the odor of space ships and ozone. The place carried the scent of staleness and oil; however, it was bigger, brighter and nicer than the filthy interior of the Chariot. Stepping down the ramp, they were greeted by the Rodian.

“Greetings. Greetings. We have been expecting you for sometime. I am Notra. This my dock. Roem says you coming. And now you are,” he called up as he grabbed and vigorously shook the crew’s hands. The crew, after nearly being eaten by or shot at by nearly every living thing on the entirety of Cholganna, probably came off a bit shell shocked by the friendly Norta (once again showing Rodian snouts don’t always quiver with deceit). Nevertheless, they smiled and moved in.

“Oooo, that is a dead-man-flying. Tie fighters must of really stung him. Let’s close the doors,” said Norta as he pointed out of the bay towards a small, smoking scout ship that staggered, and careened in all directions at once as it was coming in for a landing.

Mal’r shot a glance back, “He’s with us. Might want to clear back a bit when he lands as parts will probably come off.” The small scout was followed by the screeching of metal on metal as a trail of scrap followed into the landing bay.

Norta looked over Sehath’s ship and motioned for his crew to keep the blast door open. Sehath (Prars’ehath’klocerg) brought his ship, or the remainder of it, to as graceful a landing as possible. Howeve, there was nothing gentle or smooth or even clean about the ship or the “landing” aka the metal-rending screech to a stop. The ship resembled the landscape of junk it was parking in. His droid sounded a shrill whistle and proceeded to collapse over from either fear of death or the shock of actually surviving the flight. The only laughable part was the droid actually faired better than the rest of the crew. Sehath, adjusted the remnants of his environment suit, patted the droid, patted a few smoking spots on his suit and trotted down the burnt gangway of the ship. Sasha slipped Mal’r the 10 credits she lost on their bet.

Sehath came over to the crew and Norta, smiling and alive. Sasha slipped Mal’r another 10 credits she lost on the second half of their bet. As the silence began to weigh on Norta just a bit and no one else was talking, he asked the obvious, “So what happened?”

Since nobody crowded to the front to tell him, Mal’r explained the entire episode in laconic detail. “Roem sent us to Cholganna to get whatever we could find of the Sal Nalor. We arrived to find the planet covered by a red and very rocky nebula. After a bit of searching, we found the Sal Nalor or at least most of it. Something, who knows, maybe battle damage, the nebula or just plain navigating too close to the planet, caused the Sal Nalor to slam in and create a gorge a couple of kilometers long. The suprising part though, was that some of the crew survived. And they’ve been living on the green hell for nearly 30 years before we showed up. The Yiyar showed up not too long after we made planetside. They talked mean, but kinda curled under press if ya know what I mean. We meet up with ”/characters/harsol" class=“wiki-content-link”>Captain Rel Harsol , Cratala and about 30 surviving crew. After a bit of discussion, the Empire also showed up to our little party but the Cap’ didn’t like them much either. Needless to say, we left the surviving troopers and Yiyar back on Cholganna and came here in our nice, new and shiney Cholganna Chariot. We brought Cratalla, sent the rest of the survivors with the Gozanti and the trooper’s ship back to The Wheel.. Roem said to go the biggest pile of scrap, junked ships and rust in the universe, so here are."

After nearly 30 seconds of riveting dialogue, Norta smiled even bigger as he looked past the crew and back to the scout ship. Cratala was emerging from the ship, looking burnt, shaken, and ever so happy. With her hair going in every direction but correct, she asked, softly," I don’t suppose you have a place to clean up? It’s been a while since I’ve seen civilization." Norta got his big smile even larger and waved over one of his people to escort her to some place nicer than the hangar bay. There were a couple of sideway glances amongst the crew, and with nary a word, Mal’r took first watch over Cratala.

The group basically split up from that point on. The underground base had an extensive system of tunnels which turned at odd angles as they climbed their way through hundreds of corpses of broken ships. As he made his way down the irregular and jagged halls, Mal’r wondered how many lifetimes had been spent building what was now not even remembered by anyone still alive in the universe. Sasha, generally bored with the whole secret base hidden in a world of mountainous junk secured by the Empire tale, went off to find food and a quiet place to clean her armor and weapons. Axel, having spotted a nearly perfect capital ship laser grid array on the flight in, borrowed a junk skiff and proceeded to go on a treasure hunt. Alone, Crom just wandered a bit around the secret base hidden in a world of mountainous junk. Thought to be secured by the Empire the labyrinth of scrap was actually a secret base with a premier cybernetics showroom and medical facilities hidden in a world of rust and broken hulls. Norta explained, as they were friends, he could definitely get Crom an employee discount.

Sehath stood alone in the bay and watched as the last of the billowing smoke stopped rising from his vehicle. Then and just then and very unceremoniously, the gangway clanged off his ship to the bay’s floor. “We can fix it nicely for you,” gurgled Norta as he slid up beside Sehath.

“She really does need some work.”

“Yes and you were very brave to fly it… er… her.”

“How much?”

“Well, let me see. First, aft plating burnt. Starboard engine plating gone. Engine coolant non existent. Interior lounge and bar very tattered. Droid dead? No, just resting. That’s free. Port stabilizer laughable…” The laundry list continued for a bit followed by some quick mathmatics until , " Sixteen thousand credits and I’ll throw in quad lasers a bonus. Good deal, no?"

Sehath remained calm and collected outside as inner spirit joined the droid in a cat nap on the floor of the bay. " Sixteen? I don’t have that many credits as this time."



“You sure?”

“I am sure.”

There a brief pause before Norta offered another idea, “Anything to trade?”

“All I have I this ship, my droid, my reputation and my friends.”

“Nothing else?”

“Well, we did get a couple of bikes and some armor back on Cholganna. I dont’ suppose anybody would mind if we traded some of those. They’re pretty bulky and take up a lot of room in the ship anyway.”

“Speed bikes? Very nice. I’ll take 10 in trade.” And thus begun the Great Bike and Armor Wheel and Deal of ABY 0.

As the others slept, ate, wandered and traded, Axel sought his treasure, a near mint capital ship laser grid array. He knew it couldn’t be too far. A couple of hours tops. He made sure he did all his prep work like telling others where he was going, getting advice and gear from the locals and he even brought along another crew member as backup. Well, we was going to do all that but he didn’t. After being cooped with the ne’ er-do-wells on the Chariot, he just needed out. Besides it would only take a couple of hours.

First he went north-ish in the exact direction he needed to go. He had to make a slight turn here and there through the debris field, but generally he was on course. After about fifteen minutes of weaving in and out of towering heaps of very lethal and very heavy looking scrap, he found he his way again. Another forty minutes, he knew he was on the right track. Another fifty five minutes after that, he arrived exactly on the spot he was looking for. Except for one thing. The laser grid array was not there. There was only a horribly crushed in cranial piece for a protocol droid. He thought of IT3, smiled, picked it up and started a spiral search.

Back at the base, Mal’r, comfortable that the base was secure and Cratala was safe, went back into the Chariot. Earlier, hidden in a wall compartment behind some very vile and sticky trash, he had found a small satchel of weapons. He decided to give the contents a good review and a very good cleaning. There were some broken pistols, the empty hulls of a couple of grenades and a tidy box about 40 cm wide by 60 cm long. Tinkering with it for just a moment, Ma’lr found that he had a SKZ sporting blaster rifle nicely packed up. Considering the care given to the rest of weapons he’d found, it was in great shape. It was a great weapon for assassins, small, concealable and it packed a pretty lethal punch. It was even better weapon for a Sasha. He bundled the rifle up under his arm and headed back to the showroom. There had to be a scope and an augmented spin barrel here someplace.

Axel finally, after another 2 hours of searching finally found his treasure. He was so happy that he was almost getting light headed, a little woozy if you will. He dug out a fair fauxsimicle of a crow bar and began to lift the array out of the ground. It was bigger than he thought it’d be. It look much smaller on the flight in. It didn’t matter though, he was going to bring this back in. He just a little rest. He knew that being incarcerated in the Cholgonna Coup was going to wear on him. He took a moment to get a drink of some water. Not completely clear he spotted something moving about 100 meters away to the northwest. 100 meters? 10 meters? Not completely sure, he remembered he had a commlink in his belt.

“Hey guys, there something out here”, he comm’d back to the station.

Taking a small break from his negotiations, Sehath piped, “What is it? And does it have a labor droid servo or a conductive energy splicer?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

“Find out and call me back.”

At that point, Norta pointed to the commlink in Sehath’s hand, “Turn it off. It’s bad, very bad to give our position away.” Sehath clicked it off and began again, “OK, all the bikes plus the armor, but we get breakfast. Right?” The Rodian snout twitched in anticipation for the close.

Meanwhile, over in the weapon technical lab, Mal’r was deeply engrossed with the IsoTech’s best weaponsmith, a male Cathar called Woem and a blue female Troob who went by the name of Purr. They were some of the best weapon smiths outside of the core and the were completely and utterly goofball dewbs (and they loved it). They’d rarely been outside of their labs or schools, but they’d seen all the vids and new all the legends. Mal’r didn’t brag nor did he boast, but that made him even more gunslinger-y to them. Between the three of them, Sasha’s weapon was really something to behold. The test firing on the lower gun range was spot on.

Outside in the mountains of rust, grease and toxic lakes of oily green and brown, Axel was hiding. And he was deep and well. The movement he saw was an Imperial probe-droid. . He didn’t get a great chance to be sure of it’s exact model, but it was obviously heading right at him. He quietly slid of his skiff to the ground, came back and turned it off and then slide back down low between what looked like the cracked inner and outer hull rings of an old freighter. It was dark, rank and sticky. It was also the closest and deepest hole he could find. He could hear the probe droid hover in close. He ever-so-carefully clicked the off switch on his comm and he attempted to slide back even further. The droid stopped for a couple of minutes and began to scan. The droid must of had a very careful search program as it chimed and hummed with a dozen different noises as it hunted for the comm signal it had picked up. Valleys and ebbs of metal, old capacitors and decaying batteries made such searches difficult, but the droid was not programmed to be frustrated with such noise. It was programmed to find, to report and to kill. It was going to be long time before Axel could slip from his warren. Which was ok, thought Axel, “I just need a little rest anyway.”

As the sun rose about 8 hours later, it was noticed that Axel was not back. Well, not Axel actually, but that he had not returned the salvage skiff. Sehath had turned on his commlink out of habit in the morning, when heard a struggling voice crackle across his comm, “Guys, I’m still out here. I don’t feel…”

Jovel Nial leaned over and put one finger to her lips. “Don’t call back. I’ll zero in on his position. Thats what I do. Sasha, get a bike. I’ll direct you.” Sasha, sensing are reason to fly one of the new bikes, bounded out towards the hangar. Sehath grabbed his carbine and trailed after her. Jovel started using her datapads and her recently-acquired-but-probably-not-authorized access the local computer net to triangulate Axel’s position.

Sasha ran up to the first Z-74 and was preparing to jump on when see spotted sold sign. She slowly turned and moved towards the next one in line, only to find yet another penciled-in sold sign. Sighing, she went to the next one and again, sold. Her face was begininng to flush red when she turned to Sehath, who quickly responded, “Only three! I only traded three!”

She responded curtly, moved to the fourth bike, pulled the “Norta’s” sign off and began to push off. Sehath sheepishly pulled himself into the jumpset. Norta watched his sign flutter to the ground and chose the wiser path of not questioning her. Sasha listened to the local comm net for a moment until Jovel gave her the location.

The bike rose up just a bit and roared off with Sasha hunched low over the handlebars and Sehath clinging feverishly , tight to her. She glanced about the piles of ancient trash and newly dropped debris as she expertly snaked her bike amongst the ruin. The googles kept the sand and grit off her eyes, but she could taste the oily air that parched her skin and throat. It only took 30 odd minutes for her to get the location given to her by Jovel.
There was the skiff half loaded with some large board made of wires and lights. She didn’t see Axel. Scanning back to her right, she spotted the droid. It’s search pattern had taken it back out towards the acidic lake. It had a chance to react the charge made by Sasha and Sehath. Sehath, obviously not recognizing his pilot or known flying style, clamped his legs to the bike, moved his grip with both hands from Sasha to his carbine and fired. It was a good shot that caused the droid to start spinning uncontrollably counter clockwise. Sasha brought her bike back up above the droid by climbing a semi-large rubble pile and performing what is known as a nose-stand. The nose-stand is accomplished by using the front replusor brake and, simultaneously, an air brake to cause the nose to drop while bringing the back of the up and around. When done properly, as Sasha did, it looks alot like a cartwheel performed by bike. The bike stopped and Sasha squeezed the trigger of the light repeating blaster on the bike. It is doubtful that the droid was even able to compute what was happening as it exploded into more debris.

As bits of droid rained down, Sasha spotted another one moving around a tilting pillar of decayed piping up and to her right. She slammed the the bike back into gear (good thing it was military grade construction) and swooped wide and left to get a better for angle attack. Sehath grimaced and tucked himself in behind her. Swinging up and over fallen control tower, she brought the bikes to bear again. The droid was solidly hit, but it stayed aloft as it turned to return fire. It never got the chance to shoot though as it too exploded. Sasha spied Crom and Mal’r just after Crom reduced the droid to cinders. She gave a quick salute, pointed back to the direction skiff and moved off.

Over the commlink Crom heard, “It’s Sehath. See if there are droid labor servos. I need them. Er… Uh, we need them.”

While Axel and Mal’r searched the smoking husk. Sasha circled around the skiff. It was Axel’s alright. There was his water bottle and his new datapad on improvising explosives, but he wasn’t there. Then out of a dark little hole only about 2 meters deep crawled Axel. He smelled bad, his clothes were covered in stains of unknown origin and he looked worse. “Grettings. I glad made me to here. Is it still butterflies?” he asked as he climbed onto the skiff and started driving.


“Yessir. Let’s roll grid and along move.”

The ever so slightly green pallor of his skin gave him the appearance of being affected by a Sacorria virus. The slurring words made him appear drunk and hi movements resembled a Korriban zombie in the last stages of decay. Axel, however, may not have even noticed his condition. If he did, he made no reference except to say “Hole dark bad feel.” Environmental poisoning combined with exposure was killing Axel right before their eyes. Sasha drifted over the skiff and Sehath jumped down to the platform. The skiff bucked and swayed a little, but finally Sehath laid Axel back and started heading back to the hidden bays. For his part, Axel cheered him on with a “You’re my hero. Strings make yellow songs. And you are hero!” At which time, he finally succumbed to passing out.

As Crom and Mal’r finally caught up complete with Sehath’s requested parts in hand, they made their way back to the base. Norta must have been watching them from a distance as he had a medical team waiting to quickly rush Axel off into the bowels of the labs. It was only about 30 minutes later when a near-human female med tech came out and said Axel was going to be fine. They’d experienced this before and he was responding well to the standard treatment. “We can have him up and going in about an hour or so if you want to pay for the medicine. 500 creds and he’ll as chipper as a ever. Maybe even more so.”

Mal’r moved the pillar he was leaning against and asked, “500 credits for what? Is he going to be OK?”

“The medicine, silly. He needs to feel better, right?”

“I am not sure about 500 credits of feel-better.”

The tech pursed her lips and glared back, “Better is better for your crew, right?”

“Right. 500 credits. Better is better.” he answered pulling the appropriate chips from his pockets.

True to her word, Axel was back in farm boy fashion in less than two hours. He looked good, moved well, but he was talking a bit faster than normal. Mal’r looked over to the tech who simply responded with “Side effect.”

Norta came up just then and slapped Axel on the back,“You look much healthier. Good deal.”

Sehath grimaced just slightly at the words “good” and “deal”.

“There are skiffs coming in with Jawa traders. They find; we barter. Some times they bring treasures, sometimes bantha poodoo. See if they have the splicer”, called Norta to the ad-hoc crew.

Mal’r stopped and sent Crom and Jovel to check on Caratala, while the rest of the crew ambled up towards the three incoming skiffs. Each skiff carried salvaged gears, oversized boxes and about 4 Jawas. The first one had what appeared to be mostly ship parts, the second one was cover plating and the trailing one had an abundance of droid parts. The skiffs slowly rolled into the last bay on the right amongst the technicians’ toolsets and lifts.
As they approached, Sehath slowed up and stopped whispering out, “They’re kind of stocky of Jawas. Are Raxus Jawas that much bigger?”
Mal’r, who in a previous life, spent a little more than a year on Tatooine looked up the Jawa driving the first skiff.

Too bulky. Too big. It was not a Jawa.

Before he could contemplate why someone would be disguising themselve as a Jawa on Raxus Prime, he saw the blaster come up from the folds of the robes. He saw a Rodian with a Yiyar clan symbol on his back pull a pistol on Norta, who batted it away and started punching back. At this point everything started happening hyper fast. Between the incoming Jawas, the techs and the crew, nobody was more that two meters from the upcoming firefight.

A firefight was described by J’Walez as a hostile encounter in which antagonists with blasters shoot at each other. That is a pretty apt description, but until some blaster fire singes the air next to you, time stops and blaster fire never ceases, you can’t know. Mal’r, however, had been in up close and personnal fights like this before. The “Jawa” in front of was bringing his gun to bear, but he was far to0 late. Mal’r growled, “Bantha spit!” and pulled both of his heavily-modified heavy blasters. Before the “Jawa” could blink, Mal’r pulled the hair triggers on his pistols and placed two well spaced holes into the two closest to him.
It happened so fast and was not in line with the carefully planned subterfuge, the attackers were caught off guard. Before anybody had even started firing, Mal’r jumped into the next two standing in the second skiff bed, killed them both at point blank range and lowered himself for cover behind the boxes on gate.

The rest of the crew, seeing Mal’r shooting, didn’t take time to question his motives and firing started in earnest. The last bay had become a storm of blaster fire, grenade explosions and bodies. The Jawas now showed themselves to be Sullustan mercenaries. Axel, with a little more step in his giddy up, dropped a grenade amongst the group closest to him. Two more fell. Sehath pulled his only grenade and rolled it under the middle skiff. It lifted a couple of meters in the air before it crashed down crushing a mercenary beneath it, while the other three where obviously the worse for wear.

As they didn’t see where the grenade had come from, the remaining three from the middle turned towards Mal’r. He ducked low and backed up causing them to miss, but they put out enough fire to destroy the boxes he was using as cover. He was trying to make his was to the front to use the cab seat as some cover when the second skiff ended it’s movement by slamming into the back of the vehicle he was on. As Mal’r’s right foot slipped off the platform, he turned and fire both blasters again. The first merc died out right, but the second betrayed a moment of surprise as he looked to where his hands should have been before slumping onto another Sullustan on the ground.

At the back of the train, Axel was taking a lot of fire but he had seen this training. He rallied, stood up, pulled the pin and lobbed another grenade. Between the two blasts being slow close, he was fairly deaf; however, he was alive. Two more down. Just as Sehath was about to raise his carbine, a shot went just past his right shoulder and into the Sullustan who drawing down on him. Sehath turned to see Sasha and her new shiny carbine turn to race off into the base. This was not the only battle going on. The Yiyar had come for revenge and blood.

Crom was moving down the hall when he heard the blaster fire and explosions pierce. The air behind him. Looked over to Jovel as he pulled his heavy blaster pistol and continued into the semi-lit passages in front of them. They had moved sixty meters towards the first main junction of halls when they heard movement coming towards them speak a language they didn’t even recognize. They turned the cornering and saw, to their great surprise, Trandoshans, well armed, large reptile mercs. The mercs we’re making a lot more noise than Crom and Jovel, which gave them a very slight edge. Jovel started falling back as Crom raised his pistol firing point blank into the chest of the leading Trandoshan.

He hit cleanly, but the heavy armor stopped a lot of the blast. The merc dropped down to the ground on one knee, which gave the one behind him a chance to shoot. Crom dodged out of the way, but in doing so Jovel as hit. With no armor at all, she went down with a straggled scream. There was really only two choices now, flight or flee. Crom chose to make a run for it, but not without Jovel. He pulled back in adjoining room and tried to take cover behind some dilapidated crates. They were in cover, but the mercs pushed into the room and started blasting everywhere at once. One lucky shot hit the hardwired control panel behind Crom, which bang to shower the room in orange and white sparks. With the waterfall of sparks illuminating his position, he hoisted Jovel over his shoulder and made his way to the next. He snapped off a couple of shots, but in all the confusion and noise he didn’t hit anything.

The next room, unfortunately, turned out to be more of a large closet that path to safey. Jovel started coming round as they began to barricade the door. There was no escape now.

With the battle at the skiffs over, Mal’r and Sehath started off into the interior of the base. Sehath had the lead and was trying to move to the sounds of blasters. They came across a couple of dead and dying IsoTech personnel, but no mercs. After a couple of eternity moments, they filled made their way to down the flickering halls to a old closed freighter door.
Sehath pulled at the down, but it was jammed shut and the fire fight behind was growing more intense. Sehath freed a rusty iron bar from the hallway’s wall and flung himself into opening the door. He slipped on the damp, uneven floor, jamming his back and shoulder, but he forced the door open. In the room, four surprised Trandoshans turned to the screeching noise.

Mal’r went in before they, or anybody else, had a chance to react. Stepped into the first one, jammed his pistol into his gut and fired. That shot killed Mal’r’s shield and a merc directly behind. Mal’r showed the body and the third one in the room, spun low and shot him twice in the chest and once in the head. The remaining, or last if you prefer, didn’t even see what was happening clearly. The shower sparks had partially blinded him and din of the blasters in a confined area had effectively made him lose control. He glanced to his weapon and switched his repeating blaster to full auto and was preparing to spray down the room, when felt the warm muzzle of a blaster touch his right temple. His end was quick, but at least painless.

To be continued…

I'd say its time to go
Big guns in space

The ISB agent rolled off the speeder bike as it exploded into jungle just beyond the front gates. Mal’r “Mal” Brooken had just cleanly separated the agent’s head from his shoulders with a well aimed rifle shot. The detonation of the bike was the last echo of the battle. The ground war by the survivors camp had been won, but the Dark Scouts and their long range scout ship we would be leaving Cholganna soon. They even had taken the crew left with the Gozanti as prisoners.

Nothing could ever be easy. Ever. So, Sehath (Prars’ehath’klocerg), Sasha, Captain Rel Harsol, Mal’r “Mal” Brooken, and Axel. Started the chase. They had to get to their “fleet” which now included the Yiyar’s Night Flyer, catch the scout ship and stop it from making hyperspace. All in all, a great plan except for the fact that they couldn’t just vaporize the ship without losing crew mates and boarding the ship was going to be deadly.

Of the ships, Sehath’s was the fastest by far. It also had armor composed mostly of speed, luck and paper. Undaunted, Sehath bolted skyward as vapbait, confident of skills. The shrill roar of his engines could be heard as he punched his ship forward as fast as he could. The next fastest ship was the newly christened Cholganna Chairiot, previously known as the Night Flyer. Axel, Captain Rel Harsol, Mal’r “Mal” Brooken, and the three remaining battle droids took up station on the ship. Captain Harsol took could command because he…well…he wanted too. He wasn’t necessarily the best of pilot but he his command experience exceeded everyone by far. Slamming the throttle down, everyone was thrown back a bit as they flung themselves forward to the attack.

That left Sasha the Gozanti. The brick. The big, flying brick. She tucked herself into the pilot’s seat and proceeded to take off. Slowly. In a moment of desperation she put her hands on the dashboard and pushed, trying to will the ship forward. Her wail was heard over the comms as the ship ever so gently slid spaceward.

Meanwhile, Sehath watched the blue before ship turn to black and then red as broke atmosphere and closed to the gas and debris field surrounding Cholganna. He spotted the scout ship on his sensors and moved to intercept it. There was no way he going to take the ship on. The couldn’t outgun it and he had no chance against it if it hit him squarely. He could, however, vector in on collision course and make them move. He pulled the visor of his tattered space suit and went in as fast he could.

Some distance back, aboard the Cholganna Chairiot, Axel could see the blasts of gunnery fire against the red cloud. A space battle. “Wait until I give the command,” grumbled Harsol hoarsely over the comm. “We won’t have another shot at this and he won’t won’t last long in that tin-skinned ship.”

“Incoming ship, be advised. This the ship ??? on a mission for the Galatic Empire. No interference will be tolerated. Turn to vector 92.1 by 7.66 now. Repeat, turn or be considered hostile.”. Sehath swung in tightly as he could and fired a lucky blast into the scout ship. As passed by the to the port , he dropped his ship into the scout ship’s flight and sped out in a large arcing curve. This brazen act caught the crew off guard. The pilot slung the ship into head over loop to the port to avoid the collision and blasted. The shot didn’t connect cleanly, but still nearly punched through Sehath’s ship. He glanced back to see loose papers swirled briefly around before the ship re-established pressure. He swallowed and pulled down again on his already closed visor. His mech, attempting repairs, gave what can only be called cat-call and went back to work on the sparking environment system control.

“Settle down and listen to me. We’re coming in fast and trailing to their aft and starboard. Sehath is pumping a vapor trail out, so I don’t think he’ll hold their attention much longer.” A bright flash out ahead of them put more truth to the Captain’s words.

Sehath felt his shudder and spin as he took a direct hit. He brought back under control into a tight turn that threw his droid to the ceiling. Another hit like that and he knew he’d be mark on the Imperial pilot’s scorecard. He knew could break off until…

A flash of blast nearly blinded the Imperial pilot. He’d turned to roll on a tight turn to his aft to line up a shot on the smoking gnat of ship that had engaged him, when everything just went wrong. A shot amidships had cracked his lower dorsal plating and brought down the navicomputer. A second crunching blast had come through on nearly the same spot, taking down two of troopers and bloodied his co-pilot. He knew he had one last chance if could up above the YT-2400 bearing down on him. The he saw the brick.

Sasha smiled as she finally moved to range. The Gozanti brought all of her guns to bear. Seeing the lions finally arrive to the fight, Sehath wheeled his ship around and headed to the compound back on Cholganna.

“Lower your shields, stop all activity. There is no other option,” piped Captain Harsol to the wounded Imperial ship. There was only a short pause before a static filled “We are standing down. We await your orders.” was heard. Grinning for for the first time in was probably years, the Captain leaned back over his seat and said “Nice shot, Mal. The field is ours.”

To be continued…

A three decade tour

Back at Cholganna, the team was having a breakfast of bitter coffee and roasted Nexu inside the rusting, broken hulk that was once known as the Sa Nalaor.. What the meal lacked into flavor and comfort, was made up by the fact that they were having the meal and had not become a meal. Everything changed pretty quickly, when the sharp hum of engines was heard coming in. A quick look skyward showed a YT-2400 called the Nightflyer was coming over. It was the ship belonging to the cowardly, ugly, scum-covered villain called Yav Yiyar. He and his band of pirates wouldn’t be landing close, but they were sure to be on their way. A quick vote was take to make their jaunt through the jungle less then pleasant. The team headed out with Sasha leading the way with Mal’r “Mal” Brooken and Axel forming the points of diamond and Sehath (Prars’ehath’klocerg) trailing for cover. It took about an hour before Sasha happened upon the perfect spot an ambush. The trail narrowed and curved to right back towards river and there was no cover within 10 paces of the turn. The foliage was thick at the bend, and there were good covering spots to on both sides of the path. Perfect.

Axel jumped at the chance to show what he coulddo with his rebel training (he had graduated a the top of his class after all). He borrowed half of Mal’r’s stun grenades to set a booby trap. As Axel sweated the details of placing the grenades, the Mal and Sehath moved into cover and Sasha just moved off. Sasha quickly turned back, motioned quietly that the Yiyar were coming and sunk back out of sight. Destruction awaited the Yiyar clan as the two most forward of the group neared the ambush site. But then they just stopped. Stopped and whistled. And stayed stopped.

Mal’r took a second and verified that he had a stun setting on his A280. He verified that he could actually switch the setting and did so. He leaned forward a bit, concentrated on the bush to his left was still roughly swaying and fired. There was grunt and heavy thump from behind the bush. That was the opening volley of the firefight. Axel, using his Rebel supplied BlasTech DH-17, joined in the firefight. He pumped a couple more stuns in the body on the ground “just to be sure, really sure”. Sehath joined the fracass and cracked off a couple of well aimed shots. Oddly, Sasha wasn’t firing. Usually she’d be quite pleased to squeeze off a few blasts down range.

Instead of rushing them, the Yivar starting another firefight with some unknown assailant about 30 meters back. It turns out, in the rush to move forward, one of the Yivary knocked over a hollow tree full of Bark rats. Upset with the intrusion and sensing it wasn’t Nexu seeking a snack, they came out by the dozens and dozens, biting and snapping. Axel, sensing his moment, poked up his head to see why his brilliantly laid traps had been spotted. It was bad timing by him as some one started to fire at him. The first one went just high and left. The second caught him, not full on, but it bloodied his right shoulder. With the rules of the game changed, Mal’r flicked the selector off of stun and fired at his next target. He/she/it fell backwards…in three pieces.

A few more shots where traded when Axel took another hit and his rebel supplied blaster was knocked from his hand. The fire was starting to lessen back up the path as the bandits had scared off or killed the rats. Then there was loud sort of muffled twang. Sasha had creeping up the entire time and found herself in another perfect position. She pulled the pin of a Merr-Son C-10 stun grenade and rolled into the feet of the currently happy rat fighters. Only one saw it and he looked more than a little suprised. Then the grenade went off and there were for more down.

That was the last straw for the Yiyars, but the gunfight ended with a bit more of a twist. Sasha called up for Mal’r to put his gun down. An odd request in so many ways. But he did stop shooting (he didn’t holster it though). “Uh, guys, come over here,” called Sasha. And her call was followed by more of an order. “Stop shooting and come down here now,” bellowed a loud and commanding voice. The tone brought Axel and Sehath down to Sasha quicker than they would have imagined. Mal’r came down to, but with a bit more pause.

Once they broke cover, they found themselves, with the pirate Yav also, standing in front an older man with a small body guard. He was dark skinned and scarred, still dressed in his Separtist uniform and stood on the shore like it was his planet. This was none other than Captain Rel Harsol. His two legged body guard consisted of a couple of humans (still wearing somewhat tattered uniforms) and couple of B1 battle droids. The more interesting part of his entourage was his mounts, 3+ meter large aquatics beasts with saddles and pulling boats. Sehath pointed out they were saurians and native to the planet. He had another thought, but Harsol started demanding an explanation of the who’s, what’s and where’s. He meant right now, sailor! Seeing no one else wanted to speak up at the particalar morement, Mal’r started explaining, pretty well actually, how he and the merry band of heroes had come over Cholganna and that Yav was basically a pirate and not a very good one. Yav, for his part, piped up that he was there just to save everybody and that he was really misunderstood. He started to explain that his momma sent to help. Then before the Captain could make any sense of the situation, IT3 popped in from the underbrush not more than 5 meters away. The conversation kinda dried up at this point as he brushed leaves and vines from himself and moved to the Captain. “Captain, so good to see you. I’ve continued with our arrangements with Ropok. It has taken me a bit longer,but I’ve come to fulfill your plans.” Yep, that’s right. IT3 was just another ringer in the game. After the crew of the Gozanti was taken down by bugs and booze, the took off by his self for a two day hike to the shore.

Rel smiled, “We came after we got your homing beacon signal. Verified it was you and came on over.” Stupid, shiny ringer. I hope you rust. Yav, seeing the faces of the heroes fall a bit, spoke up,“We were trying to work with IT3 so we could come save you. Yeah, that’s it. Save you.”

IT3 turned and spoke with his sharp tone,“Oh no, Captain. The Yivar kidnapped me back at the Wheel.” With his face reddening a bit, he order Axel and Sehath to bring down the wounded and unconscious down to the shoreline. They dutifully did so, but they seemed to leave the Yiyar’s shoes and guns behind (on purposeful accident of course) He told Mal’r and Yav to start setting up a fire. Yav kicked dust, sputtered insults and tried to point out Mal’s “failures” to the Captain. Mal, for his part, offered to kill him now. Again, the conversation just kinda dried up. And Sasha, standing on the shore, just soaked it all in.

Once everybody was brought down, the captain directed Axel and Sehath to secure the Nightflyer. Sehath, who already been in the ship back at The Wheel and Axel, who wanted to make up for the “ambush” jumped at the chance. It only took them a minute to start securing the ship. Of course, the Captain probably meant something more along the line of lock it up so Nexu dont’ make it into a den. They, of course, took a broader meaning jerry-rig the ship so it couldn’t take off without them. With the Captain calling them back, they didn’t really have time to really muck with every system, but they did make adjustments they could grin about.

“Time to go,” rumbled the Captain. The heroes were allowed to walk freely, but the Yivar were manhandled by the droids. Staying by the shore, they traveled for a couple of hours without any incidences. The Captain’s mounts and crew made even the Nexu stay back.

The party finally trampled up from the shore to a rough wooden walled fort bulked up with metal plates and hidden into the shallow cave of an overhanging cliff. “Welcome to The Retreat.” The gates pulled open as B1 droids manned the two watch towers. A small group of tattered and well worn survivors peered out at the new arrival. There no more than 60 of the original crew and compliment of nearly 1000 still alive after nearly 30 years.

The heroes were lead to the tallest and largest building. It was circular and opened up to a seating area for the entire compound with a broad flat stage area in the front. “Someone get Cratala,” piped the Captain. After they were seated and the crowd poured in, Harsol called the meeting to order. “We’re hear to sort out who is who and what needs to be done.” A lonely voice shouted back, “Why aren’t they disappeared like the others? Going soft?” Harsol shot a well practiced glare, but the crowd didn’t go silent, but it did hush a bit.

At just that time, an older woman with actual clothes (and not animal skins), came in and made her way up the stage where Sasha and company were setting. She was obviously Cratala and she appeared to be the only peer to the Captain at The Retreat.

“Well, we have guests and I think they should explain themselves…” Again, as nobody stepped forward, not even Sehath with his years of lecture experience, Mal’r grimmaced at his self and moved up. He tried to give the same story he’d given to the Captain back at the shore, but he fell over a couple of words. He promised Isotech favors, Ropok’s son honoring of past bargains, getting of the planet and staying away from the Empire. He was earnest, honest and basically a horrible politician. The only thing he did get out clearly was the word pirates as it related the Yiyars. He’d spoken more words today than he had in the last couple of weeks. Axel offered up his recruiting speak, Sehath asked crowd about how they felt on reverting back to tribal instincts and Sasha, with cold memories of betrayal, spoke the clearest about the evil Empire. The crowd listened, jeered and cheered in equal parts. Nothing was lost, but only a little was accomplished. Only Sehath with academic eye on the populace saw any real potential, but we wasn’t allowed to mingle with the residents of Cholganna. The meeting broke up with some grumblings and promises that the Captain and Cratala would sort it out.

Sasha were taken to a rough-hewn cabin made of the same materials as the outer wall to the right of the headquarters. They were given a meal that none of them recognized, but they ate anyway. Watches were set and passed uneventfully. In the morning, Cratala came by to give them a tour. “Here is the shop. Don’t talk to anybody. Here is droid maintenance. Don’t talk to anybody. Here is the Nexu cages. Stop screaming please.” The Nexu cages did startle everybody a little bit. Finally they came to her lab. Her lab. It was the nicest building of the lot and even had power, floors, assistants, and a lovely computer. Cratala was obviously the only peer to the Captain. She lavished on about her work and peace and quiet and discoveries and cybernetics. Axel looked bored, Sasha was bored, Mal’r was baffled and Sehath finally snuck off and was off trying to raise rebellion. Finally, she stopped and took them out to meet again with Harsol.

As they came forward, as ship roared in load and close to the retreat. It was an Imperial ship and the entire populace of The Reteat felt it’s menance. It dropped probe droids overhead and moved to find a close clearing to land in. It wasn’t long before the dull thum of repulsor lifts was heard in the distance.

At that moment, that very moment, Harsol, the Captain, the rock and the leader, stepped forward and leveled a blaster pistol at Mal’r’s head. Shaking and sputtering, “I should never have brought you here. I should’ve killed you when I had the chance. I should have. I should have.” The voice was shaking but the gun was steady.

Nice ship, scumbag. Now get out...
Should we try and take the YT-2400?

So when last we left our intrepid adventurers, they were just waking up to the sounds of a starship coming in to close where they were. They had just found the Sal Nalore aka Mal’r’s Legendary Ship of Treasure the night before. After reducing some cybernetically enhanced Nexu to much smaller parts, the team camped out in the wrecked hull. In the morning as they were just beginning to make plans, when their breakfast was interrupted. The fried Nexu bacon and eggs tasted good, but maybe not as good as they would taste when cooked in a nice, shiney YT-2400.

The YT-2400, called the Night Flyer, belongs to a scruffy, nasty bunch of Rodians called the Yiyar Clan. They messed with Iso Tech (our beloved employeers) and the team (the heroes) on the wheel and caused them quite a bit of headaches. They have a reputation as fairly rough and evil customers. They also have quite possibly our next ship.

So the question is: Do we hijack their ship? And if yes (please be yes), how? Plans, thoughts, and theories are welcome.


Octomonkeys - Really?!?
A guide to climbing, falling and cat chow.

……BRRREEEET ERROR….. Transmission piggyback detected…. Decryption commencing….

Hi Mom,

I don’t know when this will get through but my slicer friend said this should work for at least a few more times. Whenever I get to a port my data journal will dump on the holonet and should reach you sooner or later.

You know that group I went off with that I can’t mention even in an encryped file <alliance> have still been very good to me and getting three squares a day, or at least most every other day is a big perk. Not to mention I get to have some of the most fun I have had in years. (I probably would have been thrown into the Imperial stockades long ago if I stayed near home.)

So, I’m hanging around this gaadawful space station crammed pack full of people. It is supposed to be in the shape of a wheel but it is more like some crazy rannat maze with walls so think I could probably explosively decompress it with a fork. My supervisor thought it would be good for me to see more of the galaxy and get out of his Mon Calamari “hair”. I think I’m being punished for some “accidents” that happened around base. They can’t prove anything as you always taught me, “Clean up your messes or at least don’t get caught.” Well, anyway, I’m just people watching when one of my old mates, Sasha, comes clipping by heading for the docking bay. I just want to chat to catch up as the last time I saw her she left in a huff about something or other. She throws me the “OK” and “Big Money” signs and then motions that I should follow. It seems they were in need of another meat shield, er gun hand, and I was trustworthy enough to make the cut.

Talk about a strange group of people I got mixed up with. And to think my “superiors” want me to recruit whenever and wherever I can. I hope aboard this beautifully, large ship headed out to who knows where. (I’m not much into the technical stuff as one planet looks like another to me but I heard it was far away, and if you believe it, had some type of lost “treasure” on it.) I figured it was as good of place as any to “aggressively aerate the geology” so I was more interested in what boomers I could get my hands on rather than the whens and the wheres. In any case, I met some interesting beings, Mal, Jovel, So Hath and Zero…


Do you crave UNLIMITED POWER!… Come down to the Generous Jawa Droid Emporium….


And then I couldn’t believe this huge tentacle from some monstrous octo-monkey type creature just scooped down and plucked So Hath right off the ground. I drew and fired but I think I just scared it off. This planet was teaming with nasties and we seemed to be the menu for lunch. We traveled a bit further finding an old wreck of a ginormous clone wars ship. As we were scouting around Sasha got herself underneath another native animal that was some crazy cross between a cat, a chainsaw, and a shark. I was sure she was a goner and Mal and I even pelted it with everything we had but So Hath saved the day with a well placed shot that killed it. Afterward we learned that it was a Nexu and got to take some souvenirs but I knew I didn’t want to meet up with another one of those. (Little did I know…) So, we wanted to get up as high as we could in the wreckage to bed down but for some reason they gave me a greased rope or something. I could have sworn I fell three or four times just trying to get to our campsite. (I guess I’m not meant for the high life and should stick to ground hugging.)


Why, yes, you should get me some tauntaun steaks as they are cheap out by Hoth. I hear, though, that you have to hold your nose when you eat them!…


A ship full of treasure is not worth these freaky animals, more octo-monkeys trying to get at me and then two more of those Nexu beasts. As if they weren’t bad enough on their own some screwed up spacer decided to meld them with some cybertech wizardry. When I saw that one on top of Sasha I knew she was a goner and I would probably be next. And So Hath had one bull rushing him. And out of the blue Mal, the sullen, quiet one, whips out this enormous blaster and splays out the first cyber cat killing it dead on the spot. I wish I had a holo vid for that one. And then he repeats that feat again with the kitty that was playing catspaw with So Hath. Wow! But that crazy critter wasn’t dead yet so I finished him off in the best way possible, sending him off with a BANG! Your son ain’t no dummy and doesn’t mess around with wimpy blasters and such.

Well, my journal is running low on juice. Tomorrow should be interesting and I might even come away from this with some spending cash. (That is if I survive…) Don’t fret if you don’t hear from me in a while and know that I always love you and the family. Tell Dash and Dinah to stay away from the Imps. See you in a few cycles.

Your handsome and brave son,

Just minding my own business, when...
Complications at The Wheel

Sehath (Prars’ehath’klocerg)I had no idea that Imperial space was so completely devoid of centers of higher education and research, particularly in the Outer Rim. I had mixed results in my last expedition. On the up side, I found a system not previously charted by official sources. The Empire compensated me quite well for the information on the system and its inhabitants. None of the planets were all that great; the best of them didn’t even have a breathable atmosphere. On the down side, the Empire went screaming in, wiped out most of the inhabitants, and took over what was left of the outpost. Of course, the outpost I found was primarily a hangout for smugglers and mercenaries. They were scum and not the sorts that you would want moving in next door, but they probably didn’t deserve to be burned to ash from orbit. And not all of them were bad. There was a village of gands living near by. Not pleased with the outcome. I didn’t find out about all this until later, but I don’t believe that I can stomach dealing with them ever again.

I wanted to head back to the Ascendancy for a while, but I really didn’t have anything new to report. Instead headed back to the Wheel, a major point of interest along the Perlemian Trade Route. The Wheel has somewhat of a reputation as a neutral zone, where a wide variety of traders, mercenaries and such can meet without the heavy hand of the Empire coming down on them. I had found an opportunity there once before and was hoping for another good lead.

I had only been there a short while when I heard some blaster battle going on between some rival trade groups, Isotech and the Yiyar clan (mostly Rodians). From what I understand there were casualties and significant damage to that section of the station. Seems that these two crews were both on the hunt for some lost ship dating back to the clone wars. Quite interested in a potentially interesting archeological find with historical importance (and possibly some salvage), I asked around and listened to what was going on around me. I heard a Rodian saying something about two IT-3P0 droids and that the IsoTech crew flew off with the decoy. They laughed.

Well things were getting a bit too frenzied in the area, so I went back to my ship. I was quite interested in what I heard. A lost ship from the clone wars. Very exciting prospect. So I was sitting in the cockpit and I saw the IsoTech ship and its escort pulling away from the station in what looked like a bit hurry. About that time, a station security patrol showed up. The escort, did a clever maneuver blocking the patrol (casually/accidentally?) and the larger vessel managed to get away. I called to the escort, a human by the name of Mal’r Mal’r “Mal” Brooken in command, and let him know of the issue with the droid. I offered my assistance, as well, hoping to get in on the mission.

While I certainly didn’t want to get into a fire fight with the station security or the Yiyar, it seems I was able to be of some use to the Isotech. I pulled out of my docking bay and made as if I was a clueless alien, “accidentally” blocking the Yiyar ship from taking off. While that worked for a short while, the Yiyar ship, the Nightflyer, took a shot at me. I was able to evade, but they hit the station security patrol instead! Amazing bit of luck there.

Well, things got complicated for Mal’r. While he did not fire on station security, he did obstruct them from the Isotech cruiser and had been identified as being a person of interest in the earlier crime scene on the station. He was taken into custody, after landing as instructed back at the Isotech bay. I went to talk to him at the security holding area and arranged for his bail and release. There was a bit of a waiting period, but not terribly long. We seem to have made an accord regarding joining his team and getting a share of the finders feel, which Isotech had promised to the crew.

After that, we had some time in the cantina, which was quite near the earlier battle and evidence of blaster burns were evident, and eventually made our way to see the Isotech boss, a Twi’lek by the name of Reom. While he was a rather surly sort, and quite cross about the damage to the station that he was having to pay for, he did allow for me to join Mal’r on the mission. We mentioned the complication regarding the swapped droid, and he charged us with recovering the unit. He wanted us on our way as quickly as possible to the site of the wreck on Cholganna, after recovering the correct droid unit. The crew of the Isotech cruiser had a module with some additional information for us.

Luck was with us on the droid recovery. It turns out that station security arrested the Yiyar crew for having shot at them. While it was clear that the Yiyar would likely be able to get off with a fine or some such penalty, it did leave their ship unattended for a short while. I was able to get my astromech droid, R4-D5, to help us with a diversion and to hack us a way on to the Nightflyer. Mal’r intimidated the crap out of the remaining crewman in the landing bay and got him to run away without even firing at him. Pretty impressive. We were able to recover the IT-3PO droid, but got fired upon by another Yiyar crewman. Long story short, we got back to my ship and got the blazes off the station. We left Mal’s ship at the landing bay, where it was under the protection of Isotech. I am concerned that in our absence, that some competing groups, likely the Yiyar, may have put a tracer on us. Can’t worry about that just now. My ship is fast, so maybe we can take advantage of that.

R4-D5 came in very handy on our trip out to Cholganna. R4-D5 was a key acquisition for me, based on the finders fee the Empire had paid me. Quite talented as a pilot, astrogator and mechanic. Well, we made a series of jumps, the last few of which were well off the trade routes. No problem.

The problem happened once we got into Cholganna space. Before we even had time to determine what was going on, we encountered a nebula of dust and charged particles that overloaded the ship’s systems and my droid. Mal’r, as the better pilot, kept us on course while I worked on the droid and the sensors. We were able to clear the problems and headed out of orbit towards the planet. Our scans picked up another vessel dropping into the atmosphere, just as we were approaching.

We were able to pick up comms from the Isotech cruiser, who were very glad to hear from us. Seems they had some challenges on the approach as well and some crazy pilot of theirs, Sasha Sasha, had scared them silly in the approach and landing. We were able rejoin Mal’s crew and finally inspect the module they had gotten from Isotech. It was some kind of damaged distress beacon with a log entry from the ship we were seeking. We reviewed the log entry from Captain Harsol of the Sa Naloor. Seems he was planning to meet up with some associates, but the ship had taken severe damage and he game coordinates for his next destination, Cholganna. I had hoped for more than than, like perhaps specific landing coordinates. The Cholganna part the Isotech crew had already determined. I’m still not clear where IT-3PO fits into all this.

We determined that we should do some scouting, so we prepared ourselves for the nebula and did some orbital scans of the planet. Cholganna is a jungle world and we had little to go on for locating the wreck. At this point I had hopes that it may still be intact. Not so lucky, there. We found 4 likely sites of debris, one of which we could not identify. They others were a downed life boat, and the broken up main and engineering sections of a large starship. I was able to refer to lore I had gathered previously to identify the wreck as that of the Sa Naloor, a clone wars era Separatist Munifient-class frigate. This was a legendary treasure ship that had disappeared toward the end of the clone wars. Many had sought for it for many years, and we just found it.

The Sa Naloor was known to have had something like 150,000 battle droids aboard, which I am more than a little concerned about, as well as some special droid tech, and likely considerable other valuables. Rumor has it that a great deal of credits had been transferred to the ship before it was lost. Given that the ship broke up, I don’t know what remains, but it should be a valuable find. Our scans also revealed that the planet is intensely populated with life forms, but we did not pick up anything that seemed to be a city, town or other large settlement. This world is known to be the home of the nexu, a particularly large and dangerous predator. Not looking forward to meeting any of those! Given that it has been decades since the ship was last seen, I speculate that most of the crew is dead and droids inoperative. It is still possible that there are survivors down there, however. I just hope we can recover either some information, gear or survivors that will meet the contract requirements and get us paid by Isotech. If nothing else, the wreck could be worth a lot in salvage.

With a bit of luck, I might even find some leads regarding ancient human migrations across the galaxy. It could happen. In any case, I think I will be glad for the environment suit I bought. It looks nasty down there. No place for a person from an ice world.

Beyond The Rim, Act I
Wampa, Veer and Crom - Oh my

The flight from Rishi to The Wheel didn’t too long. The decided to bring along some extra firepower just in case there were more pirates. Using Chopper as a broker, they made contact with Mal’r Brooken.

Blue Fairy Drinking Game
Great Time on the Wheel

Post: 0326543.27691

Great find! I just want to let you know that there is a great place for drinks on the “Wheel” called the Blasted Asteroid. I have had blue fairies in the outter rim, but the bartender here made something truly special! I highly recommend it next time you travel the Perlemian Trade Route.

Sasha and I have a new drinking game… Everytime Mal’r rolls his eyes we call “Blue Fairy” and toss one back. Wow! does that give a headache the next day.

I caught Mal in this image when he was cozying up to the barmaid. He made me let her borrow my blaster so she could look tougher. Partners by johngwolf d6objvm

’Til Next Time,

Gift of Sacrifice
Between an Ack and a Hard Place

Ghawhhrick’s new friends have offended the local theocracy of Rishi, the cult of H’kig, by stealing a landspeeder and a speeder bike. Unfortunately, the bike was destroyed while we were retrieving Renci Tash’s Y-Wing from the Trandoshan smuggler, Yarroq. While the Trandoshan repaired her ship, with some coercion, their friend Melos has negotiated an arrangement with the H’kig as penance for stealing. We must give three gifts; the Gift of Means, the Gift of Service and the Gift of Sacrifice.

The Gift of Means is a donation of the Bantha obtained from the Trandoshan. The Gift of Service will be escorting a member of the H’kig, Deltacc, to Socorro on our way to the core, presuming the ship is released from the impound yard. The Gift of Sacrifice is to rescue some captives from an Ack which has been attacking the native Rishii. The Ack is a cross between a spider, a crab and a preying mantis. They can spin a web like material to wrap up their prey and suck the blood.

Anticipating an overland journey, Melos negotiates 3000 credits for a broken down landspeeder and the owner is expecting us to buy it. Unfortunately, it won’t fit the whole group but the deal was made. Melos and Ghawhhrick work on the landspeeder and are able to fix it up. The seller is willing to trade it for a Trianii TX-1 Personal Carrier. This fits the whole group and we can at least get to the Rishii village.

There is much debate whether this mission is worthwhile. The group would much rather get their ship back. Deltacc tells us that there is a communication tower on the Rishi moon that we could disrupt and blind the Empire so we could get our ship out. However, offending the H’kig will leave relations in this system very strained. We decide to delay getting the ship and complete the Gift of Sacrifice.

On a hunch we look to see if the Trandoshan, Yarroq, has a bounty on him. He denied being one of the slavers that captured Ghawhhrick’s wife. It turns out he is part of Black Scale clan and is trying to establish a slaver outpost to sell to the Empire. It also happens that he’s taken out a bounty on the two Wookiees. We also find out he’s been visiting a high end hospital to be fitted with cybernetics. It looks like we’ve left another enemy in our wake.

Driving to the site of the Ack, we run into a road block. Ghawhhrick gets out looking at what happened and sees a large figure coming out of the wood, dropping another block behind the truck. He growls “It is a trap!” and when he tries to get back in the truck the vehicle is attacked by a Mantellian Savrip. These are quite sentient creatures but apparently very angry. The savrip attacks the truck and most of the party is shaken up and stumbling around. Pash is able to move towards a hatch. Ghawhhrick jumps out of the vehicle and moves behind the road block taking a shot with his bowcaster. Ashibec helps Pash up to the hatch where he is able to get a stun grenade out near the savrip before taking cover back inside. The savrip is disoriented by the grenade and stops attacking for the moment. STR8F tries to get out of the truck but blocks the doorway.

Liesa exits the truck from the far side, moves around the truck and uses her new vibrosword to cleave at the savrip. Ghawhhrick shoots a series of bowcaster bolts. The savrip starts to think better of the idea of taking on a truckload of blaster fire and trundles off. STRA8F and Melos are able to move the truck through the first road block and we clear the other block to prepare for the return trip.

We arrive at the spot on the map where the Ack is rumored to be. There should be a Rishii village around here somewhere. We need to rescue the captured Rishii from the Ack. Killing the Ack is optional but seems unavoidable. Ghawhhrick moves out and looks for Ack tracks to no avail. We move the truck back to the forest and camouflage it with leaves. We make our way into the canyons, travelling for more than a day.

We find shelter for the night. It’s a rough night for those who aren’t used to it. In the morning Ghawhhrick finds the tracks of the Ack and follow it to its lair. After much discussion, Ghawhhrick and Liesa climb partially up and realize getting the whole party up will be difficult at best. They return to the canyon floor and climb a nearby cliff in an attempt to find the Rishii village for aid. Unfortunately, the village is across several canyons. They attempt to leap the gap to the canyon wall where the Ack lair is located. The Wookiee’s jump dislodges some rocks which narrowly miss the rest of the party below.

The noise attracts the Ack which comes out of its lair. Pash makes a formidable shot with his blaster rifle and the Ack skitters up to the top of canyon, right between Ghawhhrick and Liesa and the lair. Ghawhhrick gestures Liesa to drop down and hide but the Ack spots them. Pash makes another astounding shot and the Ack skitters over the other side of the cliff. Ghawhhrick and Liesa see their chance and run to the cliff edge above the lair. They quickly anchor the rope and drop down into the liar, just in time to have the Ack appear in the opening behind them. Pash makes a third amazing shot and the Ack falls to the cliff floor unmoving.

With a sigh of relief, Ghawhhrick and Liesa turn to the captives in the liar and find another Ack poised over the Rishii. This one looks different, with a black shell casing. Ghawhhrick and Liesa circle it from either side hoping to flush it out of the lair. It works and Pash makes yet another unbelievable shot but it seems to have little effect. While Liesa tries to free the Rishii, Ghawhhrick comes to the cave entrance and, thinking it is somehow to resistant to energy fire, aims his bowcaster at the rock where the Ack is clinging, hoping to dislodge and drop it to the ground as well. The good news is the Ack falls. The bad news is the Ack hits the ground, jumps up and skitters off unharmed. The worse news is the rock crumbles under where Ghawhhrick is standing and he starts to fall. If that wasn’t bad enough, Liesha is still tied to Ghawhhrick and she is yanked out of the cave and is plummeting as well.

Suddenly, both seem to stop falling. On the canyon floor below, Melos draws upon the power of the Force unlike he has ever done before. They regain their footing and are able to climb back to the cave. This time they untie themselves and continue to help the Rishii, freeing them from the webs and administering stimpacks. In the distance, we see a flock of Rishii coming from the direction of the village, carrying large ropes to capture the Ack.

Suddenly, the second Ack crawls over the cliff face and appears in the cave entrance. Liesa tries her sword but it bounces off the thing’s armored shell. It retaliates and drags a claw down Liesa’s chest. Liesa falls back and Ghawhhrick steps forward. He tries a single bowcaster shot which sends it back out the entrance where Pash shoots it again. Undaunted it charges back into the cave and grapples with Ghawhhrick, inflicting deep wounds with its sharp claws. Ghawhhrick unleashes his fury and tries to break its neck with his furry hands. He comes close, crippling it enough to stop its attack.

At that point, the Rishii arrive and trap the Ack with their bolos. We are able to make short work of it after that. The captured Rishii are taken back to the village. We offer them the remains of the Acks which are apparently highly valued by them. There is a thought to salvage the bits for our own use but we recall this was a Gift of Sacrifice. We make our way back to the truck and back to the city ready to take on an Imperial Impound Yard.


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