Tag: Rexus


  • melos-rabbit-hunt

    Things looked so easy. A quick run to sell some grain and a few extra parts. Lo and behold [[:melos]] gets some interspace communication telling him to get his butt to Rexus Prime. Having never been to Rexus we initially looked forward to the adventure, …

  • Phelan

    Phelan is small community port on Rexus Prime. Most communities on Rexus are corporate housing projects and Phelan is the remains from a defunct mining corporation. It is now a suspected pirate cove.

  • Belka

    Belka is a community port on Rexus Prime. Almost every community on Rexus is controlled by corporations for housing their employees. Belka is controlled by a group of smaller corporate entities and is the closest thing to a public landing bay on Rexus.