Abe Edict

Arkanian Combat Medic


Abe Edict bears the typical traits of an Arkanian: dazzling white hair and eyes and a tall build. He is a tad more bulky than the average Arkanian. He also prefers to wear round glasses, though he doesn’t really need them. Despite the longevity of his race, he is already showing a few wrinkles.

As a combat medic, Abe favors melee and hand-to-hand combat, preferring to be close to his patients in any situation. Smart, quick, confident, and adaptable, Abe is more than capable in his chosen profession.

He has a positive bed-side manner, almost to a fault. His optimism and exuberance even in the face of horrific circumstances is both assuring and disturbing.

Abe has a trembling enthusiasm for medicine and biology and is thrilled to be able to pursue his passion on the front-lines against the Empire that revoked his medical licence. The typical pride and/or arrogance of the Arkanian is channeled into a near-obsession with the field of curing the sick and healing the injured. Every circumstance is a learning opportunity…though his patients don’t always think so.


An excerpt file from Alliance Department of Psychological Management

Alliance Psyche Evaluation
Subject: Dr. Abe Edict
Presiding Director: Dr. Jules Ohaaron

Doctor Abe Edict is a unique addition to the Alliance. I write this knowing full well that the word “unique” gets thrown around a lot given the broad range of recruits who flock to the rebel cause. However, I do not use the word lightly. I would like to take a moment to provide context to my recommendation for his station and use within the ranks of the Alliance.

I shall briefly touch on his biography since a more detailed background is provided with his file. As an Arkanian, Dr. Edict has the usual traits of intelligence and pride found among members of his species. However, his pride fueled an ambition and fascination with Biology, leading him to take up medical school on Corusant during the closing days of the Clone Wars. He applied for training as a combat medic but by the time he finished said courses the Clone Wars came to their abrupt end. This was followed swiftly by the take over of the Imperial Government of the institution. While other non-human species were quickly forced out, Dr. Edict was one of the lucky few able to remain (My guess, due to his near-human like appearance he did not receive as much prejudice. That said, his skills were probably the largest factor in having him remain within the Imperial ranks, even if it was only as a lab assistant.).

It was at this time that I believe the largest shift in Dr. Edict’s psyche occurred. The sudden collapse of the Republic, the true extent of the infamous Order 66, and the harsh atmosphere of the new Imperial order was a perfect storm against this young man. I believe he was at one time a rather optimistic youth. However, this optimism for medicine, biology, and its saving grace in combat became twisted into something that borders on the unhinged.

Despite the incredible loose tenants of Imperial Medical Doctrine, Dr. Edict’s…shall we say…unorthodox zeal for the medical field began to test even his superiors. The slack he received from his skills finally ran their course and he was discharged from the Imperial Medical Corpse (with neither honor or dishonor, it is worth noting). The official statement concerning his discharge deserves some attention.

On record, he was discharged for “the mishandling of organic tissue belonging to a patient, its subsequent disappearance, and failure to immediately report it to his superiors.” Curiously, the specifics are never included in the Imperial report. If you ask him, he gives a different answer every time. In one exchange he claimed to have lost the patient’s skeleton. In another he said it was nothing more than a piece of the patient’s liver. Yet another time he elaborated that it was a vestigial third arm. I finally confronted him on the matter in one of our sessions, almost demanding to know which story was true. He happily replied, “Why my dear Doctor, they are all true.”

I don’t know what is more disturbing: that I believe he was being completely honest or that I think I believe him.

This discharge from the field of his passion was depression for Dr. Edict. I believe this is the point of his second shift in psyche. However, this did make his recruitment fairly straightforward. I also appreciated his honesty in his reasons for joining. He is “a doctor and a scientist first” in his own words. His fight would not be out of revenge (per se) but to practice his passion in what he deems an “apex environment for learning.”

Thus I finally come to my point. I do indeed recommend him for front-line action, but with a caveat. His skills as a doctor are among the best and his abilities in melee and hand-to-hand combat are invaluable in his field. However, I again emphasize his slightly unhinged demeanor. Assignment to a squad, outfit, or base should be taken with care.

Abe Edict

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