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Gozanti Frigate

The Gozanti Cruiser is a slow but powerful independent transport used by merchants, militaries and mercenaries throughout the galaxy to defend cargo vessels from piracy.

Welcome to Scoundrel Records

This is a little adventure on the outer rim of space. We survive. Barely. Always looking for the next scrap of credit to pay for fuel, ammo, and an occasional meal.

Our Cast of Scoundrels

Melos Talek: Mechanic maniac
Nelson Boone: Hired gun and body guard for Fenn the Bothan trader
Fenn Azira’lon: Bothan trader
Str8fe: Droid pilot
Tryfixx: Gand slicer
Pash: Human smuggler
Mal’r “Mal” Brooken Human Gunslinger

Main Page

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